Monday, March 3, 2008

Express yourself

This weekend I had this incredible urge to paint something. Thanks to Jenny Paynter and the use of her easel and a few acrylic paints I was able to fulfill this desire. Sarah Ware was able to paint with me but was not excited about the idea of me taking a picture of her at midnight to post my Blog.
I didn't finish my masterpiece yet... I will be sure to document the different stages it goes through as it develops. It is completely abstract, so hopefully when it's done you can all tell me what it makes you think of.
This now puts me at 5 started and not yet completed projects...

1. Reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (123 pages to go)
2. Crocheting my blue scarf (it needs about another foot, and fringes at the end)
3. Another scarf that I am knitting.... I just barely started!!!
4. The painting
5. Scanning all of my grandmas old family photos into the computer (about 10 hours left on this one)

I am so glad I have stuff to keep me busy though... there is no excuse to be bored!!!!!

I just realized that the tag was sticking out of my hat. Sarah I can't believe you didn't tell me... I think this calls for your complete forgiveness for the other day, when I didn't tell you about the black spot on your face... deal? For the record I liked it because it reminded me of Cindy Crawford's beauty mark.

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Amy & James said...

Aha! I already know what your painting represents: The blue scarf that you are making. :) You are so talented!