Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Life IN Piles

Tacy Marie... EXPOSED!!!! I would not consider myself a "messy" person per say, yet I do tend to leave a little trail of piles wherever I go. It has been irking me these last few weeks, mostly because one of my New Years resolutions was to not leave piles of stuff on my dresser top.... and yet as shown above it is anything but pile-free.

This is the little nook that exists between my dresser and my bookshelve, NO space is too small to accumulate a pile. This is usually where I stash my school notebook, but somehow a plastic bag, a dress, a hair clip and some other random items have appeared there.

This is the counter space between out kitchen and the entry way. I told my roommates that I would give my best effort in trying to keep this space free and clear of piles.... yet everything you can see in this picture is mine. And really, I am not trying to tick my roommates off, I just don't know how to eliminate piles from my life!!! The second I move one, it just ends up somewhere else. They don't disappear they just relocate... it is an ongoing battle.

This is my room right next to my bed. So my excuse for this pile, is that... ummm.... ok, I really need to be better about not throwing my clothes on the floor. My mom can attest that I have dealt with this most of my life. I used to just be able to shut my door when my family was sick of looking at it. However I share a room with Sarah and she is forced to see this and other such piles everyday.

This is my desk, at which I am currently typing... This is where I keep a lot of my very important piles. I know just where everything is... I think.
SO why am I exposing this all to you my faithful blog readers? Well, my life is a little busy right now, much too busy to bother myself with Piles. I am going to school full time, was called as the new activities committee co-chair at church, training to run a marathon, and I am planning a wedding (With lots and lots of help of course). But HEY I am getting married!!!!! I just want to sit and daydream about Chuck all day (Actually scratch that, I could rather be WITH him making big plans for our life together, it is one of my new favorite things to do). I am trying not to get stressed out... I mean there are so many wonderful things happening in my life right now. However there are some school papers, reading assignments and PILES that are trying to spoil all of my fun and cloud floating.
WELL I WONT LET YOU PILES!!! I'm a mess, but I'm in LOVE... could there be anything better?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dressed in White

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! I am at my parents right now, trying to kill a little time before my mom gets home... tonight her and I are hitting the drawing board. My mom is going to sew my wedding dress, because she is an angel... and a crafty one at that!!! We are going to look for patterns and fabric and probably measure my body in 30 different places. One of my favorite things to do when I am at my folks place is look through old pictures. I was trying to see if I could find pictures of my baby blessing and baptism... because I wanted to have pictures from all of my most memorable "Dressed in White" occasions as I prepare to be dressed in white again. However I was laughing too hard at the discovery of me in gigantic bunny suit that I couldn't think about anything else.

Eat your heart out Peter Cotton Tail!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of these things is not like the other....

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Lets play a game shall we... the picture in the middle shows me BEFORE Saturday February 14th, and the others show me AFTER. Can you tell what's different?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Are you Joking?

You might feel like you are looking at an 1980's prom flashback photo... yet, this was just from Friday. My roommates, Becky Zeck, and I thought it would be quite humorous to buy some dresses from the local thrift store that we thought we absolutely ridiculous and wear them to a dinner party at church on Friday night.
Sometimes I think that I should have gone into acting, because I LOVE getting dressed up, and I like acting like a character. I think most of the fun of the evening was getting all ready, watching Sarah work her magic on the sewing machine to alter dresses, and listening to cheesy 80's music as we put on our make-up. If I have not told you this already I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my roommates, they are the most delightful ladies I know, and we always seem to be laughing about something.
We were convinced that everyone would laugh really hard when we showed up, yet there wasn't much response, and actually we got quite a few compliments on how great we looked. I guess when you got it, you got it. I suppose my mom was telling the truth when I was younger and would ask, "Hey mom, does this look funny on me?" And she would always say, "You look great in ANYTHING you wear!"
That goes for the ladies in the photo above... you all are so gorgeous you could make anything look good... even hideous 80's dresses!!!!!

You especially have to love the blue heels we found Kristy!!! They seemed to be perfect for the dress... like a match made in heaven.

Speaking of matches made in HEAVEN!!! Chuck came too... him and I had an unforgettable weekend, especially Valentines Day! There are some fabulous things brewing in my life, but I don't want to spill all the beans just yet...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Humor From the Lab

This morning I had my Experimental Nutrition Laboratory, which I love a little bit more each time I go; because my professor and his wife are so very helpful and funny. Today we tested our own Cholesterol, which was pretty sweet. Mine is incredibly low... which made me feel like going to get a juicy cheeseburger for lunch. It made me feel good because I eat eggs so often... which just goes to show you that your body DOES NOT absorb all of the cholesterol that is in food, so even if the label says 500mg of cholesterol you body will not absorb all 500. I am not telling you this so you all to go on a cholesterol binge... I am just trying to let you know in case you stress over it. BUT if your cholesterol is HIGH... it is good to monitor how much you intake... just be sure to eat your Cheerios and all will be well. Which is perhaps why my cholesterol is soooo low, I have recently become addicted to dry Cheerios (as you can probably tell from the above photo) and have been eating them by the bagful!!!! My favorite is to eat them with dried banana chips and raisins... but recently I discovered that they make Banana-Nut Cheerios... which are really good with Crasins.... ok enough about food.

The purpose of this post though is to share with you a quote from my lab manual that I found extremely entertaining this morning.... it is talking about lipids (or fat in our blood)

"Blood lipids do not exist in free form. If they did, the lipids would float to the top of blood and in the case of humans, we would all become FATHEADS, a socially undesirable condition."

My professor is a hoot. Hope your day is going swell... I've got to hit the books.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My New Motto...

Life is not about finding yourself,
it is about creating yourself.

I did not quote this exactly how it was told to me, and my mom paraphrased some lady on TV who teaches Yoga. The point is that I LOVE this saying which I am now deeming as my new motto... she totally nailed it on the head. It goes right along with my belief that life is what you make it. I think sometimes we get too caught up in our limitations... people often feel that they have LIMITED potential, this simply is not true. We are all Children of God, and have the potential to be like him.
Granted each one of us has been given a different set of talents and abilities in our lives... but it's also true that we can all overcome weakness and grow in strength and ability with a little bit of elbow grease and dedication (and Divine assistance aka prayer). You really can accomplish just about anything... sometimes it just takes some of us a little bit more work and time than others. I mean I want to be a good swimmer someday...I did not pass my swimming test in elementary school and I am far from Micheal Phelps status (in fact I still plug my nose when I jump into the water) but each summer I practice a little bit more. I am confident that someday I will be able to swim miles without plugging my nose..... Oooooo maybe I could do a triathlon!! Or even and Iron Woman!!!! Ok... lets just start with the marathon Tacy.
And I am not just talking about physical accomplishments or artistic types of creating. I mean you can create yourself to be someone truly remarkable. I usually take notice of people I really admire and traits that I want to adopt into my life from them... especially the Savior who is the greatest example to us all. I am definitely creating my life from little bits and pieces I have learned from thousands of people along my life's journey... that's what you do... you just take the pieces you like... the really good ones and they are like ingredients for your creation. So don't feel limited, and don't be passive in life, we are not victims of circumstance we have power to change and grow and overcome the things of the past... Look around you, find what you now want and you create it in your own life. Become better than you ever thought possible!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Professor Shakespear makes a funny

Yesterday during my 2 and a half hour management lecture my professor was meandering around the room making constant hand gestures to emphasize his points and walking incredibly close to our seats as he starred people directly in the eyes imparting to us "The Golden Truth" as he likes to refer to it.
Then suddenly in the middle of his lecture he flipped to the next Power Point Slide in the lecture to reveal the above picture... and I completely lost it. In fact it took me a good 10 minutes to refocus myself. I would try to think about management but then I would see those darn cow slippers in my mind and I would loose it all over again. Nobody else was laughing... is it crazy that I find this so amusing, I mean it's a pig with cow slippers on!!!!

In other news IT is FRIDAY, and my week of torture comes to a close... bring on the weekend. I slept in today, I am blogging, and making banana pancakes for breakfast, which will be follow by a nice long run in our "hot" Minnesota weather we are having. Then I have two classes to wrap up with, and then the perfect date.
Today I am loving life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

But when do I NAP???????

Well I thought I would just take a little snapshot of my weekly planner so I could let you into the pandemonium that is my life. As you can see this week is full of exciting activities, which include... working studying, working again and then studying some more!!! Not to mention that I get my blood drawn on Thursday morning and have a paper due!! I was thinking that I wanted my week to look more like the following...

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Let me grab my soap box...

A few things that have been floating through my mind this last week... FIRST, I am a little upset with the person/research team who decided that they needed to research the rippled look of the back of women's legs (today known as cellulite). I mean did we really have to give it a NAME and make is seem like some kind of condition that people suffer from. All these people did was create a huge source of self conciseness in women and give body complexes to millions of young girls. I personally think the lotion industry just wanted a new way to make heaps of money... by creating "Anti-Cellulite" creams that in all reality DO NOTHING... I know because I was one of the the girls with a complex who tried to buy every single product I could to make it go away!!! I even spent a summer trying this home remedy made of coffee grounds, olive oil and sugar... which you would intensely massage into your thighs. It was so messy!!!! but it did make my legs feel incredible smooth, but that was perhaps more due to the massage... olive oil and the fact that the coffee grounds were exfoliating. I still had cellulite... it never went away.

And that is just the thing... almost every woman I know has it in some shape or form, even the ridiculously skinny people that you know have it.

The reason I started thinking about this is because I was reading some website full of profound quotes a few months ago and one simply said, "There is no such thing as cellulite." And I decided it was my new favorite quote... I wish I would have remembered who said it. Then I looked at few more and I really liked this one:

"If 90% of all women have cellulite, then isn't it NORMAL? We may not love it, but what are a few little bumps in the bigger scheme of life? And if the condition affects 80 to 90 percent of women, then it IS a normal condition, then why sweat it?"
--Rona Berg

Ok... so this brings me to my SECOND point... this is just another example of people being overcome by a little something I like the call the SCIENCE MONSTER. It is this desire that people have to prove everything in a laboratory or by some sort of test. I mean there are billions... trillions... ok I have no idea how much... lets just say a GRIP of money is spent on research each year. I should know I go to a college that is huge on research.

Let me just give you one such ridiculous example... So my professor (The hippie one who teaches Sociocultural Nutrition) had us read two journal articles last week... both about 14 pages long about the findings of a research study that was done to determine IF community garden set up for inner city kids was beneficial.

Ummm GEEE let me think here. So you went into the ghetto and took a bunch of kids that are surrounded by drugs, violence, gang-banging... and all sorts of trouble making. Then you planted a garden, taught them how to grow and cultivate plants... teaching them not only how to work, but also a useful skill that they can someday use to support themselves and their families with. Then you introduced them to positive role models, helped them to form meaningful relationships through sharing a common goal and allowed them to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of their labors.

I am going to go out 0n a limb here and say that YES this is a beneficial thing. BUT some little group of scientists decided that they would need to do research just to make sure that this was a good thing. So they interviewed all of these kids, gave them extensive questionnaires to fill out... and calculated a bunch of statistics... yada yada yada. I can only imagine how much these kids wanted to rip up these questionnaires and go back to playing outside again with their friends. And then these "Scientists" wrote journal articles which were boring and uninteresting that myself and about 50 other college students (who are busy enough as it is) had to read.

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME... and mine I might add, WITH YOUR USELESS RESEARCH!!!! So they take home message for today is... there is not such thing as cellulite, and Science isn't always all it's cracked up to be.

Ok... deep breath, I feel much better now.