Friday, February 20, 2009

Dressed in White

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! I am at my parents right now, trying to kill a little time before my mom gets home... tonight her and I are hitting the drawing board. My mom is going to sew my wedding dress, because she is an angel... and a crafty one at that!!! We are going to look for patterns and fabric and probably measure my body in 30 different places. One of my favorite things to do when I am at my folks place is look through old pictures. I was trying to see if I could find pictures of my baby blessing and baptism... because I wanted to have pictures from all of my most memorable "Dressed in White" occasions as I prepare to be dressed in white again. However I was laughing too hard at the discovery of me in gigantic bunny suit that I couldn't think about anything else.

Eat your heart out Peter Cotton Tail!


Creole Wisdom said...

Congratulations! If you need a photographer let me know. I'm cheap and fun, as you know : ) You'll make a beautiful bride. Congrats Tacy!

Andersonland said...

Holy McMoly....why didn't I know this before??? HELLO...!!

Anyway, are you getting married to Charles in Charge? I hope so....


YAY! Good luck on finding wedding dress stuff, I tell you for the modest LDS lady, it's a hard task.

Oh, this is COOL!

Ok,...shutting up now, Dork out.