Thursday, February 12, 2009

Humor From the Lab

This morning I had my Experimental Nutrition Laboratory, which I love a little bit more each time I go; because my professor and his wife are so very helpful and funny. Today we tested our own Cholesterol, which was pretty sweet. Mine is incredibly low... which made me feel like going to get a juicy cheeseburger for lunch. It made me feel good because I eat eggs so often... which just goes to show you that your body DOES NOT absorb all of the cholesterol that is in food, so even if the label says 500mg of cholesterol you body will not absorb all 500. I am not telling you this so you all to go on a cholesterol binge... I am just trying to let you know in case you stress over it. BUT if your cholesterol is HIGH... it is good to monitor how much you intake... just be sure to eat your Cheerios and all will be well. Which is perhaps why my cholesterol is soooo low, I have recently become addicted to dry Cheerios (as you can probably tell from the above photo) and have been eating them by the bagful!!!! My favorite is to eat them with dried banana chips and raisins... but recently I discovered that they make Banana-Nut Cheerios... which are really good with Crasins.... ok enough about food.

The purpose of this post though is to share with you a quote from my lab manual that I found extremely entertaining this morning.... it is talking about lipids (or fat in our blood)

"Blood lipids do not exist in free form. If they did, the lipids would float to the top of blood and in the case of humans, we would all become FATHEADS, a socially undesirable condition."

My professor is a hoot. Hope your day is going swell... I've got to hit the books.

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