Monday, February 16, 2009

Are you Joking?

You might feel like you are looking at an 1980's prom flashback photo... yet, this was just from Friday. My roommates, Becky Zeck, and I thought it would be quite humorous to buy some dresses from the local thrift store that we thought we absolutely ridiculous and wear them to a dinner party at church on Friday night.
Sometimes I think that I should have gone into acting, because I LOVE getting dressed up, and I like acting like a character. I think most of the fun of the evening was getting all ready, watching Sarah work her magic on the sewing machine to alter dresses, and listening to cheesy 80's music as we put on our make-up. If I have not told you this already I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my roommates, they are the most delightful ladies I know, and we always seem to be laughing about something.
We were convinced that everyone would laugh really hard when we showed up, yet there wasn't much response, and actually we got quite a few compliments on how great we looked. I guess when you got it, you got it. I suppose my mom was telling the truth when I was younger and would ask, "Hey mom, does this look funny on me?" And she would always say, "You look great in ANYTHING you wear!"
That goes for the ladies in the photo above... you all are so gorgeous you could make anything look good... even hideous 80's dresses!!!!!

You especially have to love the blue heels we found Kristy!!! They seemed to be perfect for the dress... like a match made in heaven.

Speaking of matches made in HEAVEN!!! Chuck came too... him and I had an unforgettable weekend, especially Valentines Day! There are some fabulous things brewing in my life, but I don't want to spill all the beans just yet...


Anonymous said...

off topic:

Tacy my dear, I made two entries with some very funny stuff I have found online, I don't want you to miss them, go see! Tell me if you laugh. And I added many new icons, you can see them here: ( I'll be adding more often because I found a new community with very funny icons.

Andersonland said...

Oh, I should have SOOOO sent you my prom dress from 1991--the year I graduated HS. It was SOOOO amazingly heeedious! Of course at the time, it was the best dress EVER! All you would have had to do was to get your bangs in some sort of death-defying sky scraper formation, and you would have been perfect!