Friday, February 6, 2009

Professor Shakespear makes a funny

Yesterday during my 2 and a half hour management lecture my professor was meandering around the room making constant hand gestures to emphasize his points and walking incredibly close to our seats as he starred people directly in the eyes imparting to us "The Golden Truth" as he likes to refer to it.
Then suddenly in the middle of his lecture he flipped to the next Power Point Slide in the lecture to reveal the above picture... and I completely lost it. In fact it took me a good 10 minutes to refocus myself. I would try to think about management but then I would see those darn cow slippers in my mind and I would loose it all over again. Nobody else was laughing... is it crazy that I find this so amusing, I mean it's a pig with cow slippers on!!!!

In other news IT is FRIDAY, and my week of torture comes to a close... bring on the weekend. I slept in today, I am blogging, and making banana pancakes for breakfast, which will be follow by a nice long run in our "hot" Minnesota weather we are having. Then I have two classes to wrap up with, and then the perfect date.
Today I am loving life.


Holly Hoopstar said...

I also find it incredibly amusing. I guarantee you that if that popped up in one of my lectures I would probably have to leave the room. Have a fabulous weekend. I wish mine looked as promising as yours does.

Anonymous said...

Tacy - you are the most unique person I've ever met! I love you! and I love reading your blogs! - LaDeannaMamma