Monday, August 30, 2010

The latest

A couple of things that keep whizzin around in my brain and just want to let escape.

  • I have almost burned my kitchen down FOUR times since living in this apartment. Maybe "burning it down" is a bit of an exaggeration... but I have started four fires. Each time I usually scream FIRE! and then Chuck rushes in to save the day. Maybe I like starting them subconsciously so that I can see him do his super hero dash into the kitchen. BUT seriously I have an electric stove with no flame, how do I keep starting stuff on fire?
  • I have given up on five for Friday... I am just not a consistent enough blogger and I need to keep my life nice and flexible for my ever fluctuating sleep schedule and the desires of Miss Fiona Grace.... Seriously her wish is my command. Maybe I will just call it "FIVE" and post it on any day of the week I feel like it. Like today sounds good.
  • FIVE apartments are turning in our building this week. I wont bore you with all that this entails but... Poo Poo, I have a lot of work to do.
  • For some reason I can't stop laughing about this... especially the duck at the end. My brother showed it to me.... THANKS BEN!

  • Chuck and I watched a 10 video series on Sleep Paralysis this weekend. It was really eye opening and validating as it has happened to both of us. Here is the link to the first video and if anyone out there is familiar with this I would love to know your thoughts.

Friday, August 27, 2010

You've got to be kidding me!!!

Who the heck wrote "Mall of America Field" on the Metrodome? I have a sneaking suspicion it was the Mall of America... for someone who doesn't care much for sports I found myself quite bothered by this the other day. This is THE Metrodome, you can't rename THE Metrodome, this is a piece of Minnesota History that adds a puffy almost billowy essence to the Minneapolis skyline. I am sure it was a big financial matter, and good for the Mall of America for acquiring it BUT seriously did you have to change the name?

I am sure it happened months ago, but I am quite sheltered and spend many days inside of my little St. Paul bubble (it's quite cozy).

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Fiona adds a lot of color to our lives.... not only with her ensembles and toys but also with her emerging personality.

She is NOT a quiet girl, and in fact we are finding her to be quite social. She loves to squeal and yell during conversation as a way to take part. She loves being at the dinner table at meal time and is absolutely fascinated by eating and food. (like mother like daughter) .

This is one of her new favorite toys... it is the Baby Einstein Discovery chair. She seems to love all of the animals and has successfully figured out how each toy works. But there is a parrot on it that she has an intense love/hate relationship with. She likes to suck on the feathers on the top of his head, but when he spins around on his perch she gets really ticked at him. I usually end up taking her out when she is yelling and smacking him.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I could not resist

Well it's the end of the semester and you might be saying to yourself, "Tacy, you are not taking any college courses right now." Ah yes, but my husband is, and the end of the semester stress and rush to get everything done directly effects me and Fiona.

Needless to say having just come home from a family reunion up by Canada and then having Chuck hit the books hard.... things seem a little hectic. Not to mention Fiona got a cold and Chuck spent an entire day with a fever over 100 degrees. I had plans to go jet skiing with my family in Wisconsin, yet I could not imagine leaving Chuck under such conditions. What fun would cruising over crystal clear waters on an incredibly humid Minnesota day be without Chuck there anyways? (I must admit the air felt extra hot and sticky that day and I dreamed of being hosed down) .

So I stayed home to play wifey, mommy, cook, and secretary (because who can think and read books when their brain is boiling!!?!?!) Due to the chaos the apartment is a dump. Chuck admitted this morning that this is the biggest backslide in our cleanliness crusade of our marriage. Chuck is unshaven... I spend long hours in my PJs.... you get the picture.

In spite of it all I just keep thinking about how happy I am with my life at this point. I love being married to Chuck, I honestly enjoy helping him out and playing mommy all day... even though I don't show it all the time. There are definitely times when I think of the major decisions that have led me to this point in my life and being so glad that it all worked out the way that it did.

Sometimes as I watch Chuck and I during these college years I wonder if he wouldn't have been happier pursuing his modeling career.... with flights all over the world, loads of cash, new trendy clothes and beautiful people where ever you look. Instead we are broke, wearing very old threads and hand me downs (but he still gets to look at beautiful people each day :) He assures me there is not other place he would rather be.

So....LOL! I begged Chuck to let me post these pictures. He does not show them to people often. But in my opinion it's like having a Van Gogh painting and not hanging it up. I consider these pictures (and my husband himself) a work of art.

In a way they remind me that life is filled with choices, that can be difficult to make... but choosing Chuck was the easiest thing I ever did.... I know he feels the same and that just makes life perfect, no matter what kind of clothes we are wearing or what our apartment looks like.

There are many more pictures from his portfolio but they are just for me to privately giggle at like a teenage girl reading Teen Beat magazine.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Horse Says Neigh

I don't feel like my day is complete until Fiona has had a laughing attack. However each day it seems to take something new. Today it was my saying "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!" And when her dad said "Woop Woop and then yodeled like a cowboy" Over and over again. But usually it is just us making weird noises that does the trick.

Once we find the right sound or phrase that will set her into a giggle fit we do it over and over and over again until she gets totally sick of it. That is probably why she doesn't allow repeats. Here is a video of the day she really liked it when I brayed like a horse... sorry for the shaky camera but there was also an action that accompanied the sound and much to my delight you can not see me acting like a horse in the background.