Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Horse Says Neigh

I don't feel like my day is complete until Fiona has had a laughing attack. However each day it seems to take something new. Today it was my saying "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!" And when her dad said "Woop Woop and then yodeled like a cowboy" Over and over again. But usually it is just us making weird noises that does the trick.

Once we find the right sound or phrase that will set her into a giggle fit we do it over and over and over again until she gets totally sick of it. That is probably why she doesn't allow repeats. Here is a video of the day she really liked it when I brayed like a horse... sorry for the shaky camera but there was also an action that accompanied the sound and much to my delight you can not see me acting like a horse in the background.

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Megan said...

Man, watching this just makes any day ten times better.