Monday, August 30, 2010

The latest

A couple of things that keep whizzin around in my brain and just want to let escape.

  • I have almost burned my kitchen down FOUR times since living in this apartment. Maybe "burning it down" is a bit of an exaggeration... but I have started four fires. Each time I usually scream FIRE! and then Chuck rushes in to save the day. Maybe I like starting them subconsciously so that I can see him do his super hero dash into the kitchen. BUT seriously I have an electric stove with no flame, how do I keep starting stuff on fire?
  • I have given up on five for Friday... I am just not a consistent enough blogger and I need to keep my life nice and flexible for my ever fluctuating sleep schedule and the desires of Miss Fiona Grace.... Seriously her wish is my command. Maybe I will just call it "FIVE" and post it on any day of the week I feel like it. Like today sounds good.
  • FIVE apartments are turning in our building this week. I wont bore you with all that this entails but... Poo Poo, I have a lot of work to do.
  • For some reason I can't stop laughing about this... especially the duck at the end. My brother showed it to me.... THANKS BEN!

  • Chuck and I watched a 10 video series on Sleep Paralysis this weekend. It was really eye opening and validating as it has happened to both of us. Here is the link to the first video and if anyone out there is familiar with this I would love to know your thoughts.


The Atomic Mom said...

Just admit it Tacy, you're a pyro!

As for the sleep video...I have the opposite problem. I think they call it restless leg syndrome.

jeff and alli said...

Good luck with the apartments turning. We have a few this month and it makes me cringe a bit just thinking about the cleaning I may have.

I get restless leg syndrome like the person that commented above, I hate it.