Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Highlights from Christmas

It has been a long time since I did a slide show, and I thought that would be the best way to show you how my Christmas was. Some of the best highlights were...
  • My sister coming from Fargo!
  • Playing Rockband for the first time ever
  • Playing with the Ugly Tie tree skirt with my family (It is a family tradition that each year someone gets this tree skirt made from the ugly ties that the men in my family have owned over the years)
  • Spending time with all of my family... especially seeing uncle Dave
  • A visit from Charles Call... which is always a pleasure
  • Carol and Scott bringing Logan over, my favorite little three year old
  • Eating hand fulls of spritz cookies (the best Christmas cookie by far)
It was just a great Christmas all around. I will post about my 2009 plans before the year is through.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Step away from the computer!!!!

I have been sitting at my computer for a good 2 hours now playing with my blog. I looked down at the time and was a little disappointed at myself...It is nearing 2:00 and I am still in my PJ's. There is something about not having a job that makes a person feel like a bum. So I am writing this post to motivate myself to get my butt in gear.

It is almost 40 degrees outside, which for this time in Minnesota is like a tropical heat wave. I am going to go for a run outside to live it up. Which reminds me that I want to tell you about all my great plans for 2009... but I think that would keep me at my computer for another hour. So I hope that leaves you all in great anticipation for my next post.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Universe Smiles Today!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHMAS TO ME!!!!! I had to take a second to post on this most joyous occasion. Thanks to everyone for the phone calls and text messages. I have been answering the phone today "Sing to me!" David sent me my horoscope today (from two different sources) and I just have to share it with you. Looks like things are looking up for me... starting today on this, my merry merry Birthmas.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (DECEMBER 23). You've a buoyant spirit. The excitement you generate will raise the tone of the planet. You'll excel in physical or sporting activities this year and will be attractive to those who cheer you on. Your sophistication level takes a leap in January and you realize the fine details that will make you happy. Scorpio and Virgo are especially supportive. Your lucky numbers are: 4, 29, 19, 3 and 27.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Your heart is especially bountiful now. The degree to which it will affect the lives of many, even just in this 24-hour period, is incalculable. Your endeavors contribute to the saving of the world.

Looks like today I have some wonderful surprises in store for me... I can't wait, I am especially looking forward to the saving the world part. Wish me luck.

Love Tacy Marie

Monday, December 22, 2008

Silet Night

Literally... I came home from a day of running all over town to a very empty apartment. I was going to pop in a Christmas movie, but then I realized that I just enjoyed the quiet and sitting in the living room admiring the Christmas tree. I enjoy taking time to think about things... or ponder, if you will, the things of life. On my mission an Elder once called me "Ponderosa" because I always seemed to be very deep in thought. There has been a lot on my mind these past few weeks, however my thoughts have been very much consumed with Christmas.

Last week in Church I sang "What Child is This," as a solo. I wanted to sing it because of an experience I had while in the Missionary Training Center. My companion, Sister Hooper, was previously going to school for vocal performance. She wanted to sing a solo in front of the entire MTC, which was something she needed to audition for, she decided to sing "What Child is This," and practiced it anytime she could while we were together (Which to those who are unfamiliar with missionary companions was all the time... because we never left each others sides). So I was lucky enough to have a pre-opera star serenade me with this song each day, and I fell in love with it. At the audition Sister Hooper, I and the MTC president's wife sat in a small conference room together... I can't really describe to you how sacred that moment was to me, but I felt something truly incredible... it was like this sweet peaceful, beautiful feeling in my heart. The amazing thing about it was that I was not the only one who felt it. I can remember the MTC president's wife looking at me and both of us had tears in our eyes. When Sister Hooper finished we all just sat quiet for a moment to give reverence to what had just taken place.

Now I know I sounded nothing like Sister Hooper in church on Sunday... however I wanted to sing that song because I wanted somehow to share that feeling with the people at church. I wanted them to know what Christmas means to me by helping them feel that same kind of indescribable feeling. I do not recall as I stood in front anyone being moved to tears... however afterward several people came up to me and ALL of them used the same word to describe it, "Tender."

So I guess that is what I have been thinking about this Christmas, a "holy infant, so tender and mild." I love Christmas because I love Jesus Christ, and I am amazed that as powerful, and all knowing as he is...The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, began his life as a small tender little baby. That is absolutely incredible to me. It brings profound meaning to the scripture, "By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass."

I hope you know that those wonderful magic feelings that you can't always describe that seem to be so abundant at Christmas are feelings of the Spirit of Christ. They are feelings of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. We feel them often when enjoying time with family, listening to Christmas songs, sitting quietly by a Christmas Tree... and giving gifts to those around us. I hope you can all enjoy those feelings this season, Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brian Regan - Loitering and Manslaughter - Epitome of Hyperbole BEST QUALITY

Last week I went to see Brian Regan at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. I laughed almost non-stop... I think it was the best ab workout I have ever had. For some reason I can not seem to get his little bit that he did out of my head. Sorry the sound quality is not the best... but neverthe-less it is still funny.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Angelic Visit

"... God knew the challenges we would face, and He certainly knew how lonely and troubled we would sometimes feel. So He watches over His mortal family constantly, hears their prayers always, and sends prophets (and apostles) to teach, counsel, and guide us. But in times of special need, He sends angels, divine messengers, to bless His children, reassure them that heaven is always very close and that His help is always very near."

-- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Of the Quorum of the twelve apostles), "The Ministry of Angels"

Yesterday was not the greatest... to say the least. I got absolutely no studying done, well there was one point when I actually physically got my books and laid them next to me hoping that perhaps by osmosis or some other unknown force the information might just seep into my brain. However I know nothing more about the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology or DNA replication, transcription and translation.

** Side note... if there are any genetics majors who frequent my blog, please post your name and number in the comments section and I will be calling you shortly.

So like any smart girl would do when she is feeling in the pit of despair I did two things. Number one I prayed, because when you seek comfort, strength, knowledge (or pretty much anything else that is good for that matter) it's best to go to the source. And the second thing I did was call my mother... but she was not there (Tragic!!!) I called a few more times with no response.

Finally at about 4:00 my phone began to ring, and her name appeared on the caller ID. However it was not my mom, it was my dad. I share with you now our conversation so you can understand that Dad's are not Mom's.

Dad: Tacy, are you looking for Mom? She left her phone at home, and I saw that you were trying to call her.
Tacy: Yea, Dad... I'm sick (cough... cough)
Dad: Oh... Well what are you going to do about it?
Tacy: Well, Dad I have a final tomorrow and I can't study... I just feel like junk.
Dad: Take some Ibuprofen and get to it.
Tacy: (pause) Ya, I suppose that is what I need to do (In a sad "please feel sorry for me" voice).
Dad: Do you need mothering? I will have your mom call you as soon as she gets home.
Tacy: Thanks Dad.
Dad: Talk to you later.

It was around 8:30 or so when I got a call to come down to the door of my apartment to let my mom in. She came walking around the bend in the sidewalk in a red sweater... wearing a Santa hat and carrying three large grocery bags full of stuff!!!! She brought me, a heating pad, Clementine oranges (because they are so easy to peel and delicious), chocolate (which doesn't cure colds but is good for lots of things that ail you), goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, a pot pie, mashed potatoes, ginger ale, and honey and lemon. Then I got a back rub, and someone to lay on the couch with me and listen to me.

If anyone doesn't believe in angels... you should meet my mom:)
I love you mommy.
Tacy Marie

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sometimes when you win, you lose.

I have been trying to figure out a way to tell you about the changes that have happened in my life in a short weeks time. I am sick, I have the hardest final of the year tomorow night and haven't started studying for it yet (I already took two with little to no preperation)... I seem to have found myself at Christmas time mourning the loss of a once sweet and beautiful relationship. ( please know that I am not looking for your sympathies but rather you all should know by now that writing is my therapy). I couldn't sleep, and when my mind races I revert to the three R's (running, reading and writing... which we can all see actaully starts with a W but it sounds like it starts with an R and it is a little complicated to say "When my mind races I revert to the two R's and a W). Sick as I am, running was out of the question.

Life is full of surprises, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised this break-up was foreshaddowed to me months ago... but I found myself ignoring signs I did not want to beleive. Sometimes we see what we want to see... but that does not make it true.

Do you all remember Mary Catherine Gallagher from Saturday night live? She was palyed by Molly Shannon. I kind of always felt that character was taken from my own life. I often feel quite awkward and clumsy and I always find myself nervously sweating... and like her I often think my feelings can be best summed up through the words of movies, plays and books.

I feel like my feelings in my current situation can best be expressed by the words of Antoine de Saint Exupery, in "The Little Prince" which is a story of a prince who lived on his own tiny planet, and one day he discovered a very unusual flower growing which he had never before seen. Upon first seeing her he exclaimed...

"Oh! How beautiful you are!"

"Am I not?"the flower responded, sweetly. "and I was born at the same moment as the sun..."

The little prince could guess easily enough that she was not any too modest - but how moving - and exciting - she was!

"I think it is time for breakfast," she added an instant later. "If you would have the kindness to think of my needs-"

And the little prince, completely abashed, went to look for a sprinkling-can of fresh water. So, he tended the flower.

One day...when she was speaking of her four thorns she said to the little prince:

"Let the tigers come with their claws!"

"There are no tigers on my planet," the little prince objected. "And anyways, tigers do not eat weeds."

"I am not a weed," the flower replied sweetly.

"Please excuse me..."

"I am not at all afraid of tigers ," she went on, "but I have a horror of drafts. I suppose you wouldn't have a screen for me?"

"A horror of drafts -that is bad luck, for a plant, " remarked the little prince, and added to himself, "This flower is a very complex creature..."

"At night I want you to put me under a glass globe. It is very cold where you live. In the place I came from - "

But she interupted herself at this point. She had come in the form of a seed. She could not have known anything of any other worlds. Embarrassed over having let herslef be caught on the verge of a such a naive untruth, she coughed two or three times, in order to put the little prince in the wrong.

So the little prince , in spite of all the good will that was inseparable from his love, had soon come to doubt her. He had taken seriously words which were without importance, and it made him very unhappy.

"I ought not to have listened to her, one never ought to listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their frangrence. My little flower perfumed all the planet. But I did not know how to take pleasure in all her grace. This tale of claws, which distturbed me so much, should only have filled my heart with tenderness and pity."

And he continued his confidences:

"The fact is that I did not know how to understand anything! I ought to have judged by deeds and not by words. She cast her fragrance and her radiance over me. I ought never to have run away from her... I ought to have guessed all the affection that lay behind her poor little stratagems. Flower are so inconsistent! But I was too young to know how to love her...."

So he decided to leave his planet, and when he watered the flower for the last time, and perpared to place her under the shelter of her glass globe, he realized that he was very close to tears.

"Goodbye," he said to the flower.

But she made no answer.

"Goodbye," he said again.

The flower coughed. But it was not because she had a cold.

"I have been silly," she said to him, at last. "I ask your forgiveness. Try to be happy..."

He was surprised by this absence of reproaches. He stood there all bewildered, the glass globe held arrested in mid-air. He did not understand this quiet sweetness.

"Of course I love you," the flower said to him.

"It is my fault that you have not known it all the while. This is of no importance. But you-you have been just as foolish as I. Try to be happy... let the glass globe be. I don't want it anymore."

"But the wind-"

"My cold is not so bad as all that... The cool night air will do me good. I am a flower."

"But the animals-"

"Well, I must endure the presnce of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquinted with the butterflies. It seems that they are very beautiful. And if not the butterflies- and the caterpillars- who will call upon me? You will be far away... As for the large animals-I am not at all afraid of any of them. I have my claws."

And naively, she showed her four thorns.

Then she added: "Don't linger like this. You have decided to go away. Now GO!"

For she did not want him to see her crying. She was such a proud flower...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just reminding anyone who may have forgotten that December marks my 26th Birthmas. namely on December 23rd I will be turning 26 years old. I just wanted to give everyone adequate notice so that you would have time to plan the party, buy all the goodies and presents and stuff and start practicing for the musical number that you all are going to perform for me (I was thinking perhaps a choreographed street dance number of "We wish you a Merry Birthmas." )

People always ask me if it bothers me that my birthday is so close to Christmas... well, no I was pretty happy that I was born and the timing wasn't all that important to me. I mean June, April, December it's all the same I'm just happy to be alive. I actually quite enjoy my birthday being so close to my favorite holiday...

Can you believe that I am going to be 26!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTZO is all I can say absolutely NUTZO.

Ps... Sarah Ware I hope that you are not avoiding writing some all important paper right now to be reading my Blog... FOCUS SARAH! FOCUS! The semester is almost over and you will be gliding off to Utah in no time soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Mr. Turkey

Well, it is that time of year again when all of us stop and remember that we have a lot to be thankful for. I realize that for you Mr. Turkey "Thankful" might not be a feeling that you experience on Thanksgiving. But just in case you were feeling bummed here are some reasons that you have to be Thankful.

  • You make one of the funnest animal noises... gobble gobble.
  • You are one of the easiest animals to draw because you just have to outline the hand and draw the beak.... consequently you make a lot of kids feel like artists (what a boost in self confidence!)
  • You are a delightful low fat option, as your meat is low in saturated fats.
  • You are delicious... and you have really nice legs.
  • Stove Top would be nothing with out you!!!
  • You have been on TV next to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, although my favorite was on Seinfeild.

  • You also bring families together to enjoy a meal and remember how truly blessed they are.

You are the best! Thank you Mr. Turkey, you are truly appreciated!

Love Tacy

Thursday, November 20, 2008


My eyes are twitching slightly right now, and I can never tell if I am just really tired when that happens or if there is something on my contacts. I suppose I should start carrying eye drops around with me to eliminate the later. But even if it was due to sleepiness I have yet to work up enough courage to take a nap at school. There is just something frightening about being "unconscious" amongst hundreds of strangers... college age strangers for that matter. I have seen nappers on school couches awake only to find that during what they had hoped to be a peaceful slumber they were covered with fliers and crumpled up pieces of paper thrown on them by passersby s. I always find it amazing that people will come here and just completely conk out on a couch in the middle of the student union.

The other day I saw two people crammed on one couch with arms and legs draped over the sides... mouths gaping open, their jackets, hats books and bags were cluttered around them on the floor and they were snoring... these two were far away in dreamland. But I was kind of embarrassed for them, it looked absolutely ridiculous. Had I accidentally stumbled into someones private living room... No it was just Coffman Memorial Hall in the middle of the afternoon.

I remember when I was working downtown, every once in awhile I would find someone sleeping on the couch in the break room. It always kind of made me uncomfortable to eat my lunch just inches away from someone napping. The men seemed to enjoy being on their backs (belly up), while most women nap curled in the fetal position (which to me seems a little more proper in the world of social naps). I guess what made me so uncomfortable was that I couldn't help but observe them... the funny sleeping body twitches, the breathing noises (snoring or other), the hand and arm that wanders looking for a comfortable position, the mouth that slowly falls open, and if you are lucky enough to observe a droplet of drool slowly escaping. However my dilemma lies in the awkwardness of them to waking up and find me there starring them down, over my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Perhaps that is why I am nervous to nap in public... because I assume people are as snoopy as I am and are observing my sleeping habits.

I don't know what do you think about naps in public places?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Idol - Worst Singer Ever!!! #6

So, I have no idea if this was a real tryout or not... but it seriously cracks me up. I can't stop saying "Projecting" now. Ummm which by the way if you haven't seen the Chocolate Rain video before by Tay Zonday I really highly reccomend it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Move over Tina Fey...

Halloween was a blast-ola. As promised I dressed up as the one and only Sarah Palin, although I resembled the Tina Fey version slightly more. Joe dressed up as McCain, or Maverick as I like to call him... and we were a hit! I kind of felt like a celebrity and people kept wanting to take our picture. We won the contest for best couple, and got to make a little acceptance speech.

I don't know what it is about playing make believe that makes me so happy! I was in character all night long because I loved seeing people's reactions when I spoke in her Alaskan accent. In my childhood I was an attention hog and whether I like to admit it or not I still tend to be We have quite a few family home videos of me shoving my brother and sister violently out of the way of the camera so I could have the lime-light. Secretly I wanted to be an actress in my younger years, but my sister was a great thespian of the stage at Northdale Middle school and I feared that I would only be hid in her Shadow... so I never pursued my acting career... except for that one time in elementary school when I was a munchkin in The Wizard of OZ (I rocked that role by the way).

Here are a few snapshots of the night. Enjoy!!!!!

Here we are with the Siamese twins. Double your fun, that is two votes in one!!

Here I am with a contestant of the Price is right, and Tiger Lilly from Neverland. We had a giant take our picture... hence the great camera angle!

Here John and I are paying tribute to this nice young sailor boy, we thanked him for his service to the country and him and John shared some war stories.. good times!

The amazing Miss Tiger Lilly once again.

Here we have another Sarah Palin... we traded hair secrets and I told her how she could get amazing volume.

Then Bzzzzz I ran right into a little bumble bee, with the most amazing beehive... the secret (she uses honey instead of hairspray... who would have known)

It was a long night for John and I, but we felt the night was a success, we really got to connect with the people. You now the Joe Plumbers and Hockey Mom's of America. WISH US THE BEST FOR TOMORROW!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Day

Well, here they are the 2008 Republican and Democratic nominees for the President of the United States of America. Just about one week from now I will be standing in my little both making my vote and hoping that the rest of our country is doing the same.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the most educated person when it comes to political matters... in fact it is difficult for me to have an intelligent conversation with other people about the political process because I am constantly found with the deer in headlights look. However to my own credit I will say that this year I have watched more debates, read more articles and paid more attention to other peoples rantings and ravings about the race than any other election to date. So you would think that with all of this effort on my part I would be decided and confident in the person I am going to vote for.

WRONG-O.... I am just a little perplexed here. I mean we have the entire United States of America full of people ( roughly 301,139,947), and these are the best two guys we came up with? I mean if we have to pick someone to represent America I just think we could have done a little bit more searching for candidates. Is it right that just because someone has been involved with politics their whole life that they are somehow better equipped for the job? It seems like people who spend their careers as a politician end up becoming a little warped...

That is why I feel that we need to re-think this whole election process.... so I came up with an idea and I wanted to know what you thought about it before I propose it to Washington for review. If you have any further suggestions let me know!

Next election I think we should go AMERICAN IDOL STYLE! Think about the popularity and mania around American Idol... if we could just harness that energy and diligence in searching the Nation for the best of the best, I think we could A. Weed out the weirdos B. Increase the youth vote C. Find the "very best" candidates from each state (Ok.... so I realize that we might attract more weirdos than usual if we create a national television program out of this... but don't worry there will be screening, drug tests, and background checks :)

So under this premise we go state to state holding tryouts (Regular rules apply must be 35 years of age, a native born citizen, and residents in the U.S. for 14 years). And widdle down the contestants to one from each state and send them to Washington! Through a series of one hour TV specials we make cuts and eliminations as voted on by the American Public. Until we come up with a substantial pool... like four people that we can choose from for the final vote. Then there will be a final two hour special to announce the winner!

Just think of the possibilities!!!!! I am thinking of getting Neil Diamond to Sing the Theme Song, something with the same feel as "We're Coming to America."

We will get a panel of judges to critique contestants answers to politically prevalent questions... like the reporters from Meet the Press and Dateline and all of those kinds of shows. Then perhaps for a little comic relief we ask Steven Colbert to be the host....

Ok, I hope you all know I am am kidding. But seriously I think it would reduce all the money spent on campaigning, and stupid commercials that tell you why not to vote for the other guy. Food for thought.... how do you think we could get better candidates to run for president?

Ps... Don't forget to VOTE!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Afternoon Thoughts

"Let us Oft Speak Kind Words of Each Other"

Thank you to Miss Sarah Ware who sent me an e-mail full of stick figure drawings that successfully distracted me from studying and sparked a desire to Post. I especially enjoyed this one because my "Big Mouth" has served as a grate blessing in my life and also one of my greatest weaknesses. It can be hard to bite your tongue sometimes, but it is so critical to watch what you say... once those words leave your mouth... there is no putting them back.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For the Record

I was trying to be funny about the Mcguyver thing. I am not attracted to men with blond hair. Just a personal preference I suppose. It especially is silly to me when it is full and flowing (locks). My apologies to Fabio, Siegfried (Roy's buddy)... wait is he the one who died? If he is I'm really sorry!!! Also... Micheal Bolton, John Tesh, Bon Jovi, and 95% of the 80's rockers. Oh and what about the I Can't Believe it's not Butter Guy... or was that Fabio? Anyways I digress.

I like men's hair brown and short... the shorter the better. One of the many reasons Joe is the most handsome man on earth... Love ya buddy :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well if that doesn't STINK I don't know what does

Running out the door five minutes behind schedule I stopped and grabbed the hanging pot which once contained a beautiful hanging petunia that brightened our deck for the summer. However now now it appeared to look more like dead straw tangled on top of a pot. Believe me I tried watering it a few times to resurrect it, but with no success... this thing was fully dead... no signs of life.

Anyways, it has been sitting right next to my door as a reminder to bring it down to the dumpster, but for some reason even with it sitting right in my path I have managed to walk by it at least five times and not do anything with it. So of course now that I was already running late I decided to pick it up and take it to it's grave.... I mean how long will it take me to throw the plant in the dumpster... 2 seconds maybe. WELL that is where I was wrong!!! Because normally it would only take you seconds to throw something in the dumpster, that is only if you don't accidentally THROW YOUR KEYS in the dumpster with the plant.

I should have put my keys in the other "non-throwing the plant in the dumpster hand" but no, I assumed I would have enough dexterity to release the plant and hold on to my keys at the same time. This usually works unless there is a hook on your hanging plant that grabs the key loop right off your finger.

I got on my tiptoes and peered over the edge of the dumpster, they were in there alright... right in a pile of what can only be described as crud. I tried to reach, but the depth of this dumpster was too great for my arm length. I imagined myself bending in head first just far enough to grab them, but the thought of loosing my balance and emerging with Garbage head was just a little too much for me to stomach. So like Mcguyver would naturally do...

I created a device with the hook from the plant (which I could still reach) to try and fish the keys out. Only after a few minutes I became extremely frustrated and realized that I was running later and later by the second.

SO I swallowed my pride and jumped (feet first) into the dumpster grabbed my keys, dusted them off, hopped on my bike and rode like the wind to school. And upon arrival made sure to wash my hands. I want to know who decided to make dumpsters so BLASTED deep!!!! I mean do we really need that much trash just sitting around stewing in the basement of our apartment complex. And I also want to know how I never realized how handsome Mcguyver was... I must have been too little to appreciate his beauty when I was a wee lad.... I mean look at his locks (his hair if you are unfamiliar with the term locks).

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Why is it that I have such bad spaghetti bowl brain?!?!! It's like I am traveling down one spaghetti noodle of thought, but then another noodle crosses and I start following that one, then another and another and another!!!! Ya you definitely don't want inside my "noodle" once you get in there's no going back. you become trapped inside by pasta labyrinth. Sometimes I think I have A.D.D. but the more people I talk to the more I realize that most people struggle with this problem. Ok, I take that back it seems to be primarily women. I know a lot of men who can stick to the task at hand and be productive.

Sometimes it makes me feel like I am some sort of small brained animal. Like "Oh look, there's something shiny."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Artsy Accomplishments

Months ago I decided that I was going to take up painting, but like so many other things in my life I didn't really have time to enjoy this new found love of mine. However this evening I stayed home to finish what I had started... and three hours later TADA!!!! This photo is catching some weird glare... but believe me, up close and in person it would blow your socks off. I don't know exactly which art museum I am going to call first but I have envisioned it hanging next to American Gothic in Chicago perhaps. Or maybe my Mom would be nice enough to hang it up at her house. For some reason I feel strange hanging something that I painted up in my living room... like "HEY! Look What I did." Plus I think it doesn't give people a fair chance to hate it if they so choose to.

SO you might be saying to yourself... what in the world am I looking at? And like many abstract artists that have gone before me I will leave that up to your interpretation, however this piece has deep significance to me.

I think I am probably going to stare at if for a few more minutes and add a few more brush strokes for good measure... but I was just too excited that I had to BLOG it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Silly Rabbit

SO today I got to thinking about my Time Management, and this imaged popped into my head.... Namely because a reference was made to it in one of the books I am reading called "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." Which I really like, because it cracks me up; in it Dr. Laura Schlessinger rips apart women for not taking better care of thier husbands. Chapter Two is called "The White Rabbit Syndrome." We all know the White Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland... he runs around like a crazy person carrying an oversize pocket watch and singing the following song:

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important Date.
No Time to say Hello! Goodbye!
I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!

This always kind of bothered me because how is it that he didn't have time to say hello to Alice but he sure had time to sing this little song. I mean he still could have been rushing but sincerely acknowledged her even if it was brief. In the book it talks about women being so busy with everythings else that they don't take time to have meaningful and intimate time with their husbands. (and I know you are probably thinking... "Tacy, Why are you reading this book?" and I will tell you although I am not currently married I take very serious that it will be a role I someday have... so that said, consider this a research project.)

To myself I was thinking, am I too busy singing the "I'm Late" song to have meaningful interactions with people. I think 95% of the time when people ask my how I'm doing, or what's new with me I talk about how busy I am. And I'm thinking to myself WHO CARES Tacy!!! Isn't everyone busy. I mean sometimes I feel like I spend way too much of my time complaining... do you see this vicious cycle, I am Wasting Time talking about being busy!!!!

So my new goal is when people ask me how I'm doing, or even if they need a favor I am not going to sing the I'm late/busy/tired/stressed/song.

ON another note I just learned this week (from the same book) that there is a condition called "Hurried Women Syndrome" a term coined by the medical community who listened to woman's complaints about their busy lifestyles. Sypmtoms include weight gain, moodiness and fatigue (sounds like PMS to me... but who knows I'm no doctor), due to the stress of putting too much on your plate... not accomplishing all of it and then feeling like junk becaue you "failed." So in connection with the above goal to not "sing the song" I am also trying to say no to more things... you should try it, it feels fabulous.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

Although I am excited for my new life at college, I can't help but feel like there is a piece of me I left behind in downtown Minneapolis, on the ninth floor of the 510 Marquette building. I feel like I haven't had a chance to properly say good bye to all of those things that I am going to miss so much. So as part of my grieving process, here are my final farewells:

crooked name plate on the outside of my cubicle... that despite many different adhesive options I could never get to hang straight. And good-bye passersby who would constantly try to fix it... thank you for all your efforts.

GOOD-BYE bulletin board filled with fruit stickers, and Chinese fortunes. Most people felt the need to put important documents up for reference, but I had big goals to fill my whole bulletin board with STICKERS!!!!

desk drawer full of colorful sticky notes of passwords and secret things. GOOD-BYE to my pink, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple highlighters... sharpies, pens and all of my other favorite desk supplies.

GOOD-BYE reflective elevator ceiling that I used to look up and sneak in a little wink at myself.

GOOD-BYE to my smiling desk buddy Ryan, who also ended up quitting at about the same time I did.

GOOD-BYE Nhia... I miss seeing you everyday, and when we used to ride together to the U of M after work. However this isn't good-bye for good... we still have to have that big photo shoot!

GOOD-BYE e-mails from complete strangers who were thankful my completing something for them. Those delightful one to two work replies that somehow made the monotonous data entry that I did for 90% of my day. "THANK YOU!!" "YOU ROCK" "AWESOME JOB"

GOOD-BYE to all my bus buddies on the 25 to downtown.
GOOD-BYE 11th floor lunchroom and all of the crazy characters who hung out there.
GOOD-BYE fat fat paycheck that I loved so much. Luckily I saved many of them!

I will definitely miss it all, well except for the cranky brokers calling me to complain about their statements being wrong, oh... and I wont miss staring at my computer all day, or typing thousands of account numbers into the system each day.

Did you all ever have jobs you hated to leave?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Soggy Shoes

I'm a college student! Sara felt it completely necessary to take a picture of me on my way out the door for my big first day of school. I was really excited to start the school year, and also a little nervous... you know first day jitters.
It was a little cloudy out when I left, but in my excitement I left the house with out a rain jacket or umbrella. The bike ride takes about thirty minutes and I was only five minutes away from campus when I got caught in what I would like to refer to as Hurricane Buford (that's the street I was on when it happened). It was the kind of rain that fell sideways at like 20 miles per hour. It was raining straight into my eyeballs so I pinched them shut, barrelled down the final hill into campus hoping that no one would hit me. And then I looked down and my wet self and I began to laugh.
I continued to laugh as my soggy shoes sloshed down the halls of McNeal Hall, and I was imagining all of the other wet people who I would meet and how we could all be instant wet friends and have a good chuckle about this. However to my great dismay all of my classmates were already quietly waiting in class... BONE DRY. Everyone turned and looked and me as I made my way in searching for an available spot... I am sure some were wondering if I was a member of some sort of Fully Dressed Swimmers Association. Finally I found a spot and saw that the girl next to me looked at me a little shocked, to which I smiled and simply said, "It's raining outside."
It all wouldn't have been so terrible, however I had to be at campus for four more hours before I could come home and change. And I am not sure if you have ever been soaking wet in an air conditioned building, but I was so cold I considered starting a small fire with my text books for warmth.
On the bright side I am well known among my Nutrition peers... I have already had a couple people come up to me this week and ask, "Hey are you that girl who was soaking wet on the first day?" Ummmm ya that's me, just call me soggy shoes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Gopher to Badger Race

I have been meaning to Post about the half marathon Joe and I ran in for sometime now, but I had some technical difficulties with the pictures... but now with out further adu...

We started off the day with high hopes, I have been trying to get ready for this all summer... and gave myself a good little pep talk in the morning and asked in my prayers for the blessings promised to those who follow the Word of Wisdom, that they would "Run and not be weary, and walk and not faint." Not that I thought I was going to pass out or anything... I was pretty confident that I was going to tackle this thing.
Perhaps more than anything I was worried that I wouldn't get to use the bathroom before the race started. We pulled up to the Start line 10 minutes before race time and this was what the bathroom lines looked like. You can see that I am watching the clock tick, that is because some guy with a mega phone kept telling us about every two minutes what time it was. Meanwhile Joe (hands in his pocket smile on his face) isn't too worried about it, because in moments he would bypass the bathroom lines by heading into the woods like all the other men there and use mother natures toilet... which was a little funny to me because these "Woods" were just a strip of trees in a residential area.
SO with 3 minutes to spare, I get into the Port-O-Potty... gasp when I realize there is no hand sanitizer... and then run to the start line just in time for the kick off.

If you are trying to see us you wont. In this photo... we are in the very very back of the pack.

And we were off... and no that is not the peace sign. But rather that was after two miles of running. My mom was our cheering squad and followed us in the big white conversion van all around. We would be so happy to see her every couple of miles.
Now, when we got there we were told that there were "Rolling Hills" at the beginning of the course... what they really meant was that for the first seven miles we would either be running uphill or downhill, not only that but it was a hot and sunny day. At about 7 miles we both decided we needed to walk for a bit.

I was a little disappointed because I thought that I would be able to run the whole thing with out walking. However it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be... on a side note I gained a new appreciation for the nutzo people who run full marathons... I think I'll stick to the halves.

After a short break we were back in action, but Joe and I didn't stay together long... I had to keep running and Joe needed another walking break. Which, bless his soul, he didn't train the same way I did all summer, he wanted to run with me so that I didn't have to do it alone... and because frankly he is The Man.
Here you can see me running backwards trying to give him the pep talk.
There were a few things I realized as I ran... mostly they were things that I was thankful for... The shade, water, trees, wind, sunblock, Gatorade, Asics Gel running shoes, gum, my mom and her van and of course Joe.

I had to walk again at about mile 12... and at that point felt near death. I could see the finish line in sight but just could not get my legs to pick up and run again. Right at the finish line though I spotted Joe's mom and mustered up enough strength to jog about 20 feet across the finish line.

If I look a little dazed in this picture... that is because I was. If you asked me my name at this point I don't know if I could have told you. But I turned right back around and started jogging back through the course to find Joe and cheer him to the end.
And it wasn't too long before I found him and this cute little old man heading into the finish line. Nice job Ostebo!!!

I quickly made my way to the treat table to load up on all the free food and goodies... that was my favorite part of the whole race. The orange slices made it all worth it. We said good bye to our moms and laid in the grass to relax... when we finally got up to leave we realized that Joe's car keys were with my mom... now an hour away from home and not answering her cell phone. So we spent the next hour in our own sweat and stink sitting on the side of the road waiting for a ride... good times... good times.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Memories Meme

I am actually sitting at work right now. Normally I would refrain from posting at work, but today is frightfully boring and I have to wait for my computer to transfer 7723 files from one folder to another and it is moving about one file every 15 seconds (I think my server is powered by a hamPster on a wheel) which if you do the math is 115,845 seconds or 32.179 hours... basically it's not going to be done until over the weekend. So as I sit here and watch the little pieces of paper fly from one folder to another I thought I would multitask and Post. I posted a comment on Joyce's Blog and decided that I needed to complete step 2 by posting it. So the rules are as follows:

1. Add a comment on this blog with one memory that you and I share, it doesn't matter what it is or how well we know each other, just anything that you remember.

2. Re- Post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A P or not a P that is the question?

So today I realized that Spell Check lists the correct spelling for the small little rodent shown above as HAMSTER. However I have always spelled it HAMPSTER, in fact I even pronounce the P when I say it. When I googled it, both spellings came up with hits. So what is the right way? Is the P silent... how do you say it?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A week of rest...

This weekend is the big 1/2 Marathon!!! As such I have been instructed by my fellow runners that I need to take it easy this week. Which means no running or strenuous exercise.... which is really hard for me, because those who know me well know that I can not sit still. So with out exercise to release this ball of energy inside I have been one fidgety woman... just ask Joe.

Hopefully I will be so excited to run on Saturday from all this runner withdrawal that the race will be smooth sailing, but then again someone did forget to mention on the sign up form that there were "Rolling" hills on the course. Which sounds quite beautiful don't you think? Pretty to drive on... a beast to run up and down.

If anyone out there is in Minnesota and wants to show me some moral support, come and cheer me on!!! Just click on the following link for more info or give me a call :)


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Try Not to FREAK OUT!!!

Remain Calm... I have news and I hope you are all sitting down for this. My sister is thinking about moving back to the cities. Can it be? Could all my dreams of toe nail painting, boy talk, pj parties and late night junk food fests really be realized? I miss having my sister around, I feel like we haven't had good bonding time for about 3 years (that is pathetic I know).

I was thinking the other day of how we used to make tape recordings of us singing Debbie Gibson songs and making farting noises and laughing, having tent camp outs in the back yard... dressing Ben up like a girl and trying to fool my parents that he was the new girl in the neighborhood. Oh, and there were also the countless hours of barbies, staying up all night trying to beat Mario Brothers on Nintendo, sneaking out Beth's egress window in the wee hours of the night ... and that time we took the station wagon on a joyride to Tom Thumb to buy candy!!!! (don't worry we have already confessed all of this to my parents)

I am sure she will hate me for putting the above picture on here... so just to redeem myself please see the picture below.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Minnesota Twins Fans

Don't we make thoes Hot Dog's look specatular... well they were. Ms. Burboch... aka Sara came to visit me this weekend, and went to her first Twins game!!! It was a good time... I got some beads shaped like little baseballs, sang my heart out at the 7th inning strethch, and waited in line to be one of the first 5,000 fans to get a free T-shirt infused with real dirt from the new Twins stadium.

Which I don't think I told you this, but I am trying to see how many free T-shirts I can collect this summer. This one makes six (I am counting the two that I had to give to Joe because they only had extra large left... but hey I still got them for free!!!) I think I am going to make a quilt out of them... or something.

Sara and I also got our picture taken twice for the Twins Fans Website... you should click here and here to check us out!!!!

We also walked around for hours in Minneapolis, I had good intentions of showing her all of the really cool things in Minneapolis, but it turned more into us walking for hours aimlessly through the city... Sara I hoped you liked some of it!!!

The highlight was perhaps our chocolate shake at Applebees... minus the dirty fork :)