Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Just reminding anyone who may have forgotten that December marks my 26th Birthmas. namely on December 23rd I will be turning 26 years old. I just wanted to give everyone adequate notice so that you would have time to plan the party, buy all the goodies and presents and stuff and start practicing for the musical number that you all are going to perform for me (I was thinking perhaps a choreographed street dance number of "We wish you a Merry Birthmas." )

People always ask me if it bothers me that my birthday is so close to Christmas... well, no I was pretty happy that I was born and the timing wasn't all that important to me. I mean June, April, December it's all the same I'm just happy to be alive. I actually quite enjoy my birthday being so close to my favorite holiday...

Can you believe that I am going to be 26!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUTZO is all I can say absolutely NUTZO.

Ps... Sarah Ware I hope that you are not avoiding writing some all important paper right now to be reading my Blog... FOCUS SARAH! FOCUS! The semester is almost over and you will be gliding off to Utah in no time soon!


Amy & James said...

I'm so happy you have always liked your birthday close to Christmas. There is a chance our baby will be in the same situation and everyone mentions how 'unfortunate' that is. So thanks for your optimism--what better time of year is there to celebrate new life anyway? :)

sware said...

I JUST CAN'T DO IT!! YOU'RE BLOG (and everything else I find to distract me) ARE JUST TOO ADDICTING!! HELP ME!!!

Sara said...

Wow, Tacy. This is weird and you probably won't even believe me but right before I checked your blog, I was wondering to myself.....I know Tacy's b-day is in Dec. but I can't remember what day. Some how I need to find out.....then BAM! Your post. Craziness! :) Thanks for the reminder! :)

David said...

Happy Birthmas in 21 days! I'm sure any presents will pale in comparison to the awesomeness I gave you last year, but that's alright.

JR said...

Hi Tacy -

I was posting an update on my blog, and thought I would see what you were up to. Of course, you're busy posting away (unlike me, who can't seem to get anything on my blog for months!).

I just wanted to drop by and check in with you. You're missed at RBC, but we are muddling through without you. Hope things are going well with school and the like.

Take care!

Karen said...

Hey Tacy,
Thanks for letting me know in advance what you wanted for your Birthmas. We're working hard at getting it all together. Lots of work though, especially with that musical number. We're getting there............even if we have to stay up all night the eve of your Birthmas. It'll be worth it though.

Just one thing, how are you going to get here for the BIG party?