Monday, December 22, 2008

Silet Night

Literally... I came home from a day of running all over town to a very empty apartment. I was going to pop in a Christmas movie, but then I realized that I just enjoyed the quiet and sitting in the living room admiring the Christmas tree. I enjoy taking time to think about things... or ponder, if you will, the things of life. On my mission an Elder once called me "Ponderosa" because I always seemed to be very deep in thought. There has been a lot on my mind these past few weeks, however my thoughts have been very much consumed with Christmas.

Last week in Church I sang "What Child is This," as a solo. I wanted to sing it because of an experience I had while in the Missionary Training Center. My companion, Sister Hooper, was previously going to school for vocal performance. She wanted to sing a solo in front of the entire MTC, which was something she needed to audition for, she decided to sing "What Child is This," and practiced it anytime she could while we were together (Which to those who are unfamiliar with missionary companions was all the time... because we never left each others sides). So I was lucky enough to have a pre-opera star serenade me with this song each day, and I fell in love with it. At the audition Sister Hooper, I and the MTC president's wife sat in a small conference room together... I can't really describe to you how sacred that moment was to me, but I felt something truly incredible... it was like this sweet peaceful, beautiful feeling in my heart. The amazing thing about it was that I was not the only one who felt it. I can remember the MTC president's wife looking at me and both of us had tears in our eyes. When Sister Hooper finished we all just sat quiet for a moment to give reverence to what had just taken place.

Now I know I sounded nothing like Sister Hooper in church on Sunday... however I wanted to sing that song because I wanted somehow to share that feeling with the people at church. I wanted them to know what Christmas means to me by helping them feel that same kind of indescribable feeling. I do not recall as I stood in front anyone being moved to tears... however afterward several people came up to me and ALL of them used the same word to describe it, "Tender."

So I guess that is what I have been thinking about this Christmas, a "holy infant, so tender and mild." I love Christmas because I love Jesus Christ, and I am amazed that as powerful, and all knowing as he is...The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, began his life as a small tender little baby. That is absolutely incredible to me. It brings profound meaning to the scripture, "By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass."

I hope you know that those wonderful magic feelings that you can't always describe that seem to be so abundant at Christmas are feelings of the Spirit of Christ. They are feelings of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love. We feel them often when enjoying time with family, listening to Christmas songs, sitting quietly by a Christmas Tree... and giving gifts to those around us. I hope you can all enjoy those feelings this season, Merry Christmas!!

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Andersonland said...

Wow, Hoopy-O wanted to sing in front of the whole MTC..she always was a brave one.

As for tender feelings. Just having had a baby, I can confirm that I have been thinking about the Baby Jesus alot lately, and how I now have a baby, and that grown up Jesus started out as the Baby Jesus. I think, what did Mary know, how did she feel? It's so overwhelming, amazing, blessed and so on

Thanks for the post, you are great, and I love you tons! Hope you are not freezing your tooties off up there in Minnesota!