Friday, December 26, 2008

Step away from the computer!!!!

I have been sitting at my computer for a good 2 hours now playing with my blog. I looked down at the time and was a little disappointed at myself...It is nearing 2:00 and I am still in my PJ's. There is something about not having a job that makes a person feel like a bum. So I am writing this post to motivate myself to get my butt in gear.

It is almost 40 degrees outside, which for this time in Minnesota is like a tropical heat wave. I am going to go for a run outside to live it up. Which reminds me that I want to tell you about all my great plans for 2009... but I think that would keep me at my computer for another hour. So I hope that leaves you all in great anticipation for my next post.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!


Charles said...

I'm curious and intrigued to read what the amazing Tacy has planned for 2009 :)

Mommadriver said...

I am making yet another attempt to make a comment on your blog. For some reason it keeps rejecting them...I am beginning to take it personal. I just wanted to say how delightful you are. I LOVE the picture of you by the tree. You look so amazing, so full of life and great anticipation. Love Always, Mom