Monday, October 29, 2007

Sleepy Time

Sometimes on the way home from work on the bus I fall asleep. I try to read the whole way home, but there is just something about that warm cushy bus and the low hum of the engine that puts me out. Normally I will catch myself with my head back and my mouth wide open... which is pretty embarrassing as it seems that everyone else has mastered taking bus naps with their heads down. Today I read a chapter in Jane Eyre but still had about 15 minutes till we got to the park and ride. I was sitting frightfully close to this guy and was nervous to fall asleep next to him but my eyes were getting heavy and I couldn't resist.
I'm sure you can probably imagine that I was awoken up by my head hitting his shoulder. I quickly sat straight up and apologized, he seemed pretty understanding about the whole thing but I caught some ladies a few seats over having a good chuckle about it. They probably watched it all slowly unfold... I love watching people fall asleep, especially my dad in the rocking chair. Good times....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Night In Wonderland

Last night was the big Haloween Dance. I was so excited to dress up like Alice in Wonderland that I read the book yesterday at work (during my 3 hours of downtime) in order to get into character. There is just something so fun about dressing up... and wearing long blonde wigs. I think there is something to that whole blondes have more fun thing. I'm a brunette through and through though.. I have to stay true to my "Roots." This picture is of me and Audrey Heburn and here are some pictures of the other characters that were present...

Here I am with Shirley Temple and Dora the Explorer. I thought it was cute that we all looked like little girls. However these two are only like 5 feet tall... so I had to crouch way down to not feel like such a giant. I can see why Alice had such a great desire to be the same size as the people she was around. "One side makes you taller and the other makes you smaller."

Ok.. so you might not be able to tell who is on the far left. She didn't have her sunglasses on in the picture. But she was the little designer lady from "The Incredibles" and in the middle is one of the players from "A Legue of Their Own."

This is Josh, and I think he is supposed to be some kind of cartoon character, but I have no idea which one. He showed me a picture of him that he was carrying in his pocket... he must have known that people would wonder who he was.

This is Sam... I mean Drew Carey. Although he could be anyone famous who wears glasses... Clark Kent perhaps?

Bagger Vance was also there. I know... he looks a little pale, perhaps it was the lighting, or maybe it was the flash on my camera.

From the Scooby Doo Crew Daphne was there too. She has some really cute boots on which you can't see in this picture. I wish I would have taken more pictures... but the dance floor had my name written on it, kidding. I could still work on my moves a bit, but no matter if I looked ridiculous or not, I had a great time!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

One Down

I finished a book. I realize that this might not be as exciting for you as it is for me, but humor me for these two short paragraphs of joy!!! With all the directions that life pulls me in I'm amazed I find time to read so much. Thank goodness for the bus, and for hour long lunch breaks. I completed Oliver Twist this morning, and it was wonderful. The last chapter reminded me in movies how they go through all the characters and let you know what eventually happened to each one of them ( l love it when they do that!!). I suppose movies got that idea from books… lol. Like Barbara Foster, my Bishop's wife, said "this is a book where the good people are VERY good, and the bad people are VERY bad." There are such extremes in the characters, but in the end it is the good and merciful and true that triumph. I have always loved this theme in books and movies, Willow and Queen Bavmorda, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, Frodo and Saramon, Prince Phillip and Maleficent, Harry Potter and Voldemort… you get the idea.

Like Oliver we are all born good and innocent. We have been given the Light of Christ to help us choose right from wrong. Oliver was thrown into a world full of crime, dishonesty cruelty… he fought to not let these things taint him or change what he knew deep down inside to be right and good. Surrounded by cruel and vicious criminals Oliver remains pure in heart. Beautiful… absolutely beautiful… well done Dickens, bravo Old Chap.. It twas oh so frightfully delightful and insightful, I shall have to read another. Next up Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dream Walking

Walking down the dirty and damp streets of Minneapolis after a hard days work I always see the same sights. The female traffic cop in the middle of Marquette and 5th with whistle in mouth, the light rail rings it's bell and pulls into station right before I cross 5th. Then it's three city blocks to the bus stop, past a large group of fellow bus riders by the newspaper machines, cross in front of the parking ramp exit and wait at the light on 4th. Then past another group usually containing a few smokers… I doge the clouds of smoke and hold my breath, pick up the pace to make the light on 3rd and then wait for the 850 Metro Transit to arrive.

I think I could make this little trip in my sleep… in fact I have noticed that I have been dream walking. My brain actually escapes what is going on around me and I have dreams, wide awake on my way to the bus. Usually they are just about things to come, I will go over situations, conversations and future events in my mind. Oddly enough I become so wrapped up in them that sometimes I wonder if I am talking to myself… I know I laugh out loud when something funny happens…

I have always been a dreamer. I used to think that all of my dreams had profound meaning, so I wrote them all down. I thought perhaps they would unlock the secrets of my future someday. I have in my life had a few very powerful and profound dreams that have changed my course… however most of them are just nonsense. If all of my dreams did come true I would live a very interesting life indeed...

I was thinking about writing down some of the more wacky dreams I have had in my life. I thought it would be a good laugh for you all, but they never seem quite as amazing or funny when you tell someone else.

I am grateful for an active imagination, it always seems to make life more interesting... what do you daydream about?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mom's Overture

My mom and I have been sitting at the computer for a few hours messing around. Someone sent this to her, and it gave us a good chuckle. I'm not a mom... but I'm pretty sure my mom has said all of these things before. I thought the moms out in Blogger Land would like this. ENJOY!!!!

OH and another side note, I set up my Blog so that ANYONE can post a comment, you don't need to have an account anymore... so write me a note why don't cha!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Vacation to Remember

I'm back sadly enough, but I have a lot of memories to take with me. It was a vacation of firsts.

  • It was the first trip I planned all by myself, like a grown up!

  • I went to my first mission reunion

  • Listened to my first live Mariachi band

  • Had my first hot air balloon ride

  • Went swing dacing for the first time ever

  • Got set up on my first blind date

  • And unfortunately got into my first accident when I was driving... sorry again Katrina about the car.... I really know how to end my vacations with a BANG!

The reunion was good... but not too spectacular. It was good to see President and Sister Koyle and my old companions. However the "Elders" are still awkward to talk to. I kept starting conversations with them to have them walk away from me as soon as they found someone else to talk to... I guess I'm not as exciting as I think I am.

New Mexico is amazing!!! I loved being there as a tourist... even though being a missionary was incredible as well... just different. I got to enjoy a little bit more of the culture and hang loose. I saw a lot of the people that I taught and the members that inspired me. I also ran into some old companions... which was a pleasant surprise. People ask if I would ever move there... but I like to have it as my get-away. Whenever I need to escape I'm hopping the first plane to Albuquerque.

I had a lot of time on ariplanes to ponder life and my next move. I have officially decided to apply to BYU Provo!!! So to all my Utah peeps... keep your ears open for people who need a roomate, I'm sure a good one.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for PICTURE SHOW!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PEACE!! I'm outta here!

If you haven't already noticed the time of this post let me draw your attention to it. It is now 11:30PM, once again I have officially waited until the last minute to pack my bags. But who cares in a few short hours I'll be on vacation.... my plane leaves bright and early 6:55AM. My lovely Momma is taking me to the airport. I'm excited for this adventure I'm about to undertake, I'll be praying that my flights don't get cancelled or delayed. I have never had that happen before and I think I'd have a mini nervous breakdown if it did. Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing. I can't wait to show you all the great pictures I'm going to take and tell you about all the great things that are going to happen... guess your just have to look forward to the next post. See ya'll in a week!!!!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Power of a Kind Word

Tace, is a man who works in my department. He has a great name doesn't he!! Since my starting at the company he has been getting teased about having a "girls name." I have assured him that the "e" at the end makes it quite masculine, and he agrees. As I sat at my cubical this morning staring at the screen someone walked by and knocked on my cubicle wall and said, "Great glasses, you look very nice today." I looked up to see Tace, he said, "You know, us Tace's have to stick together." I smiled in agreement and thanked him for the compliment.
This is the third time this week that someone I barely know has given me a compliment…. And I must admit, it feels great. It makes me smile a little brighter and walk a little taller… like a magnificent boost in confidence. It makes me want to be a little better, because I realize that someone notices. Don't worry I'm not letting this all go to my head, my point in writing this is because I was wondering, how often do I compliment others? I'm sure I could do it much more than I do presently, especially the complimenting of complete strangers… what a great way to start a conversation and develop a friendship!
Now these don't have to be simply compliments of appearance, but thanks for a job well done, appreciation for a door opened, a talent shared or recognizing someone who has inspired you. I want my words to have a positive impact on the people around me. Other people, like myself are trying to build meaningful lives but who often hit the roadblock of discouragement. As I reflect on the kind of words that built me up this last week and in the past, I've decided to make compliments a regular part of my vocabulary. Have you complimented someone yet today?