Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Night In Wonderland

Last night was the big Haloween Dance. I was so excited to dress up like Alice in Wonderland that I read the book yesterday at work (during my 3 hours of downtime) in order to get into character. There is just something so fun about dressing up... and wearing long blonde wigs. I think there is something to that whole blondes have more fun thing. I'm a brunette through and through though.. I have to stay true to my "Roots." This picture is of me and Audrey Heburn and here are some pictures of the other characters that were present...

Here I am with Shirley Temple and Dora the Explorer. I thought it was cute that we all looked like little girls. However these two are only like 5 feet tall... so I had to crouch way down to not feel like such a giant. I can see why Alice had such a great desire to be the same size as the people she was around. "One side makes you taller and the other makes you smaller."

Ok.. so you might not be able to tell who is on the far left. She didn't have her sunglasses on in the picture. But she was the little designer lady from "The Incredibles" and in the middle is one of the players from "A Legue of Their Own."

This is Josh, and I think he is supposed to be some kind of cartoon character, but I have no idea which one. He showed me a picture of him that he was carrying in his pocket... he must have known that people would wonder who he was.

This is Sam... I mean Drew Carey. Although he could be anyone famous who wears glasses... Clark Kent perhaps?

Bagger Vance was also there. I know... he looks a little pale, perhaps it was the lighting, or maybe it was the flash on my camera.

From the Scooby Doo Crew Daphne was there too. She has some really cute boots on which you can't see in this picture. I wish I would have taken more pictures... but the dance floor had my name written on it, kidding. I could still work on my moves a bit, but no matter if I looked ridiculous or not, I had a great time!!!!

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David said...

Nice outfit! Will you wear it to work on Wednesday for me? :)