Monday, October 29, 2007

Sleepy Time

Sometimes on the way home from work on the bus I fall asleep. I try to read the whole way home, but there is just something about that warm cushy bus and the low hum of the engine that puts me out. Normally I will catch myself with my head back and my mouth wide open... which is pretty embarrassing as it seems that everyone else has mastered taking bus naps with their heads down. Today I read a chapter in Jane Eyre but still had about 15 minutes till we got to the park and ride. I was sitting frightfully close to this guy and was nervous to fall asleep next to him but my eyes were getting heavy and I couldn't resist.
I'm sure you can probably imagine that I was awoken up by my head hitting his shoulder. I quickly sat straight up and apologized, he seemed pretty understanding about the whole thing but I caught some ladies a few seats over having a good chuckle about it. They probably watched it all slowly unfold... I love watching people fall asleep, especially my dad in the rocking chair. Good times....

1 comment:

Sara said...

oh, you make me laugh! i LOVE watching people fall asleep! it's so funny to me! i'm sad i missed your fun episode of it today! :)