Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Angelic Visit

"... God knew the challenges we would face, and He certainly knew how lonely and troubled we would sometimes feel. So He watches over His mortal family constantly, hears their prayers always, and sends prophets (and apostles) to teach, counsel, and guide us. But in times of special need, He sends angels, divine messengers, to bless His children, reassure them that heaven is always very close and that His help is always very near."

-- Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Of the Quorum of the twelve apostles), "The Ministry of Angels"

Yesterday was not the greatest... to say the least. I got absolutely no studying done, well there was one point when I actually physically got my books and laid them next to me hoping that perhaps by osmosis or some other unknown force the information might just seep into my brain. However I know nothing more about the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology or DNA replication, transcription and translation.

** Side note... if there are any genetics majors who frequent my blog, please post your name and number in the comments section and I will be calling you shortly.

So like any smart girl would do when she is feeling in the pit of despair I did two things. Number one I prayed, because when you seek comfort, strength, knowledge (or pretty much anything else that is good for that matter) it's best to go to the source. And the second thing I did was call my mother... but she was not there (Tragic!!!) I called a few more times with no response.

Finally at about 4:00 my phone began to ring, and her name appeared on the caller ID. However it was not my mom, it was my dad. I share with you now our conversation so you can understand that Dad's are not Mom's.

Dad: Tacy, are you looking for Mom? She left her phone at home, and I saw that you were trying to call her.
Tacy: Yea, Dad... I'm sick (cough... cough)
Dad: Oh... Well what are you going to do about it?
Tacy: Well, Dad I have a final tomorrow and I can't study... I just feel like junk.
Dad: Take some Ibuprofen and get to it.
Tacy: (pause) Ya, I suppose that is what I need to do (In a sad "please feel sorry for me" voice).
Dad: Do you need mothering? I will have your mom call you as soon as she gets home.
Tacy: Thanks Dad.
Dad: Talk to you later.

It was around 8:30 or so when I got a call to come down to the door of my apartment to let my mom in. She came walking around the bend in the sidewalk in a red sweater... wearing a Santa hat and carrying three large grocery bags full of stuff!!!! She brought me, a heating pad, Clementine oranges (because they are so easy to peel and delicious), chocolate (which doesn't cure colds but is good for lots of things that ail you), goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, a pot pie, mashed potatoes, ginger ale, and honey and lemon. Then I got a back rub, and someone to lay on the couch with me and listen to me.

If anyone doesn't believe in angels... you should meet my mom:)
I love you mommy.
Tacy Marie

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Anonymous said...

Wow. My mom is nothing like that. Not even close. I am jealous now!