Thursday, September 11, 2008

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

Although I am excited for my new life at college, I can't help but feel like there is a piece of me I left behind in downtown Minneapolis, on the ninth floor of the 510 Marquette building. I feel like I haven't had a chance to properly say good bye to all of those things that I am going to miss so much. So as part of my grieving process, here are my final farewells:

crooked name plate on the outside of my cubicle... that despite many different adhesive options I could never get to hang straight. And good-bye passersby who would constantly try to fix it... thank you for all your efforts.

GOOD-BYE bulletin board filled with fruit stickers, and Chinese fortunes. Most people felt the need to put important documents up for reference, but I had big goals to fill my whole bulletin board with STICKERS!!!!

desk drawer full of colorful sticky notes of passwords and secret things. GOOD-BYE to my pink, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple highlighters... sharpies, pens and all of my other favorite desk supplies.

GOOD-BYE reflective elevator ceiling that I used to look up and sneak in a little wink at myself.

GOOD-BYE to my smiling desk buddy Ryan, who also ended up quitting at about the same time I did.

GOOD-BYE Nhia... I miss seeing you everyday, and when we used to ride together to the U of M after work. However this isn't good-bye for good... we still have to have that big photo shoot!

GOOD-BYE e-mails from complete strangers who were thankful my completing something for them. Those delightful one to two work replies that somehow made the monotonous data entry that I did for 90% of my day. "THANK YOU!!" "YOU ROCK" "AWESOME JOB"

GOOD-BYE to all my bus buddies on the 25 to downtown.
GOOD-BYE 11th floor lunchroom and all of the crazy characters who hung out there.
GOOD-BYE fat fat paycheck that I loved so much. Luckily I saved many of them!

I will definitely miss it all, well except for the cranky brokers calling me to complain about their statements being wrong, oh... and I wont miss staring at my computer all day, or typing thousands of account numbers into the system each day.

Did you all ever have jobs you hated to leave?


sware said...
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sware said...

good byes are the worst!! (well maybe stinky things;) I don't mind saying goodbye to those!) For me leaving VandenBerge Middle school and Te Ora Hou (New Zealand) were probably the most difficult for me. I think what makes it so hard is the people you leave, the friendships won't ever bet the same. That is what makes me so sad. Sorry you had to be sad too my friend... its kinda stinky...