Friday, September 26, 2008

Artsy Accomplishments

Months ago I decided that I was going to take up painting, but like so many other things in my life I didn't really have time to enjoy this new found love of mine. However this evening I stayed home to finish what I had started... and three hours later TADA!!!! This photo is catching some weird glare... but believe me, up close and in person it would blow your socks off. I don't know exactly which art museum I am going to call first but I have envisioned it hanging next to American Gothic in Chicago perhaps. Or maybe my Mom would be nice enough to hang it up at her house. For some reason I feel strange hanging something that I painted up in my living room... like "HEY! Look What I did." Plus I think it doesn't give people a fair chance to hate it if they so choose to.

SO you might be saying to yourself... what in the world am I looking at? And like many abstract artists that have gone before me I will leave that up to your interpretation, however this piece has deep significance to me.

I think I am probably going to stare at if for a few more minutes and add a few more brush strokes for good measure... but I was just too excited that I had to BLOG it.

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karen said...

I'd say it's really good. I have been going on this art trip that Dixie College (Dixie State College) has been doing for years. First time I went I had no idea what I was going to see. I have gone on the trip about 4 times, with my fifth coming up in November. One of the ladies told me to look for the triangle in the paintings and it would tell me more I what I was to interpret of it. Haven't gotten to that point yet but I do see that triangle in your painting. You are very talented. Did you know about the triangle? Have I showed you the painting that Juella did? She calls it "Petey the Pirate Pony." I'll have to get a picture of it one of these days, if you haven't seen it. Anyway, you're pretty good! Thanks for sharing!