Saturday, July 26, 2008

Try Not to FREAK OUT!!!

Remain Calm... I have news and I hope you are all sitting down for this. My sister is thinking about moving back to the cities. Can it be? Could all my dreams of toe nail painting, boy talk, pj parties and late night junk food fests really be realized? I miss having my sister around, I feel like we haven't had good bonding time for about 3 years (that is pathetic I know).

I was thinking the other day of how we used to make tape recordings of us singing Debbie Gibson songs and making farting noises and laughing, having tent camp outs in the back yard... dressing Ben up like a girl and trying to fool my parents that he was the new girl in the neighborhood. Oh, and there were also the countless hours of barbies, staying up all night trying to beat Mario Brothers on Nintendo, sneaking out Beth's egress window in the wee hours of the night ... and that time we took the station wagon on a joyride to Tom Thumb to buy candy!!!! (don't worry we have already confessed all of this to my parents)

I am sure she will hate me for putting the above picture on here... so just to redeem myself please see the picture below.

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