Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Happy Day

I am so excited for this long 4th of July weekend!!! Today my manager came into my cubicle at 2:00 and told me that I have been working too hard lately and needed to start my vacation a little early, and he let me take off at 2:30!
Tomorrow morning I am going to run another race, this one is about 4 miles, hopefully I will be able to run it in about 35 minutes. Then I am going to hit the pool, and enjoy the day... Joe and I are thinking of maybe heading up to Stillwater to snoop around and watch fireworks over the river.
How about you... any big 4th of July Plans?


Karen said...

I'm not doing much but rest on the 4th. Been working too hard (Maxwells can be tough at times!). Anyway, I will sit outside along Lousiana and watch the fireworks from Balloon Fiesta Park. It's only a dollar to get in the park but I won't get out till morning. So it's best to watch from the outside. Free rides from the Park 'n Ride but that's too far to drive just to get to the park. Well, you have to drive to the mall (Cornado) and ride the bus to BFP when it's just across the street from here!

Drew & Michelle said...

This may be kinda random but last month our family moved from Idaho to Minnesota... and I was remembering that a couple of people I worked with in the PR office at BYU-I were from MN. Anywho... I googled "Joe Ostebo facebook" and this blog was one of the links that came up. If you'd just tell him Drew & Michelle say "Hi" that would be awesome!
come visit our blog

p.s. you two make a ridiculously goodlooking couple!