Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoes Special Kinds of Moments

I feel like I have been creating a lot of really great memories lately... the ones that make you see life a little bit differently, the kind that make you want to be a better person. SO here they are

Another Race in the Bag....

I don't know why I didn't discover running earlier in life, but I sure love it. The 4 mile race on July 4th made me feel like I wanted to die half way through due to a gradual incline that we had to run up for what seemed like eternity. Joe was singing me songs to inspire me and even gave me a few pushes to keep me going. Sometimes I hit these walls when I am running and I think, "How in the world am I ever going to run this half marathon!?!?!?!" But it never fails I ended up sprinting full speed across the finish line, and feeling victorious.

This is the Foster Family, on the far left is the dad, who just happens to be the bishop at our singles ward. They all run this race every year as a family tradition. Joe and I are hiding in the back, and then Audrey and Becky also came along.
Just the two of us after we crossed the finish line.

Stillwater was a great place to watch fireworks... we had a beautiful view of the river, got to see real live cannons fired (Not with cannon balls, but with balls of oatmeal wrapped in Plastic wrap... the effect was the same KA BOOM!!!)
We got to talk with some people who do war reenactments and learn a little bit of history. There was a gorgeous bridge and view of the river, great ice cream, a orchestra playing American Classics... The fireworks were by far the best I had seen in a long time, and they were set to music even.

It was a very inspiring day to say the least. I feel like I need to be a little more grateful for the country that we live it... God Bless America, Land That I love.

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I wish I could get a better view of the cannon!!