Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A week of rest...

This weekend is the big 1/2 Marathon!!! As such I have been instructed by my fellow runners that I need to take it easy this week. Which means no running or strenuous exercise.... which is really hard for me, because those who know me well know that I can not sit still. So with out exercise to release this ball of energy inside I have been one fidgety woman... just ask Joe.

Hopefully I will be so excited to run on Saturday from all this runner withdrawal that the race will be smooth sailing, but then again someone did forget to mention on the sign up form that there were "Rolling" hills on the course. Which sounds quite beautiful don't you think? Pretty to drive on... a beast to run up and down.

If anyone out there is in Minnesota and wants to show me some moral support, come and cheer me on!!! Just click on the following link for more info or give me a call :)


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Karen said...

I will cheer you on..............all the way from Albuquerque, the best I can do! AH ward can go stand atop the Sandias and cheer you on, OK?