Friday, October 3, 2008

Well if that doesn't STINK I don't know what does

Running out the door five minutes behind schedule I stopped and grabbed the hanging pot which once contained a beautiful hanging petunia that brightened our deck for the summer. However now now it appeared to look more like dead straw tangled on top of a pot. Believe me I tried watering it a few times to resurrect it, but with no success... this thing was fully dead... no signs of life.

Anyways, it has been sitting right next to my door as a reminder to bring it down to the dumpster, but for some reason even with it sitting right in my path I have managed to walk by it at least five times and not do anything with it. So of course now that I was already running late I decided to pick it up and take it to it's grave.... I mean how long will it take me to throw the plant in the dumpster... 2 seconds maybe. WELL that is where I was wrong!!! Because normally it would only take you seconds to throw something in the dumpster, that is only if you don't accidentally THROW YOUR KEYS in the dumpster with the plant.

I should have put my keys in the other "non-throwing the plant in the dumpster hand" but no, I assumed I would have enough dexterity to release the plant and hold on to my keys at the same time. This usually works unless there is a hook on your hanging plant that grabs the key loop right off your finger.

I got on my tiptoes and peered over the edge of the dumpster, they were in there alright... right in a pile of what can only be described as crud. I tried to reach, but the depth of this dumpster was too great for my arm length. I imagined myself bending in head first just far enough to grab them, but the thought of loosing my balance and emerging with Garbage head was just a little too much for me to stomach. So like Mcguyver would naturally do...

I created a device with the hook from the plant (which I could still reach) to try and fish the keys out. Only after a few minutes I became extremely frustrated and realized that I was running later and later by the second.

SO I swallowed my pride and jumped (feet first) into the dumpster grabbed my keys, dusted them off, hopped on my bike and rode like the wind to school. And upon arrival made sure to wash my hands. I want to know who decided to make dumpsters so BLASTED deep!!!! I mean do we really need that much trash just sitting around stewing in the basement of our apartment complex. And I also want to know how I never realized how handsome Mcguyver was... I must have been too little to appreciate his beauty when I was a wee lad.... I mean look at his locks (his hair if you are unfamiliar with the term locks).


Melissa said...

OK this may sound super stalkerish...but if your friend Sara B has 2 brothers named Nick & Johnny & a sister would please give her my email.

Tell it is from Nick's Melissa that moved away freshman year and I would love to hear from her!!

Thank You

Melissa said...

Oh good lord not only stalkerish but cannot even type it should be "would you"

Thank You!!

Melissa said...

Thank You!! I appreciate you getting back to me. I thought for sure it was the same one. We went to Eagan High School in Eagan, MN and there is nothing on the internet or on the alumni site for her or her siblings. Weird almost like the whole family disappeared.

Thank You,

Anonymous said...

I think Mgyver looks like a dork. I probably spelt his name wrong and I don't care.

Andersonland said...

Ok, that was totally gross, first you show up to school all wet, then all stinky...Tacy, do you want people to like you at all? Ok...totally kidding. You should seriously not make the pregnant girl laugh so hard, I'm already having problems with not peeing my pants!

And for what it's worth...MacGyver rocks the block....I luff him!