Thursday, November 20, 2008


My eyes are twitching slightly right now, and I can never tell if I am just really tired when that happens or if there is something on my contacts. I suppose I should start carrying eye drops around with me to eliminate the later. But even if it was due to sleepiness I have yet to work up enough courage to take a nap at school. There is just something frightening about being "unconscious" amongst hundreds of strangers... college age strangers for that matter. I have seen nappers on school couches awake only to find that during what they had hoped to be a peaceful slumber they were covered with fliers and crumpled up pieces of paper thrown on them by passersby s. I always find it amazing that people will come here and just completely conk out on a couch in the middle of the student union.

The other day I saw two people crammed on one couch with arms and legs draped over the sides... mouths gaping open, their jackets, hats books and bags were cluttered around them on the floor and they were snoring... these two were far away in dreamland. But I was kind of embarrassed for them, it looked absolutely ridiculous. Had I accidentally stumbled into someones private living room... No it was just Coffman Memorial Hall in the middle of the afternoon.

I remember when I was working downtown, every once in awhile I would find someone sleeping on the couch in the break room. It always kind of made me uncomfortable to eat my lunch just inches away from someone napping. The men seemed to enjoy being on their backs (belly up), while most women nap curled in the fetal position (which to me seems a little more proper in the world of social naps). I guess what made me so uncomfortable was that I couldn't help but observe them... the funny sleeping body twitches, the breathing noises (snoring or other), the hand and arm that wanders looking for a comfortable position, the mouth that slowly falls open, and if you are lucky enough to observe a droplet of drool slowly escaping. However my dilemma lies in the awkwardness of them to waking up and find me there starring them down, over my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Perhaps that is why I am nervous to nap in public... because I assume people are as snoopy as I am and are observing my sleeping habits.

I don't know what do you think about naps in public places?


Amy & James said...

I never could stand seeing people sprawled out on couches, floors, or benches sound asleep when I was in college. It seemed so inappropriate...and yes, awkward. No matter how painfully tired I was, there was no way I could ever let myself sleep at school. It cracks me up that I'm not the only one who feels weird about watching sleeping people. :)

Sara said...

Haha! Amy and I may be sisters but I guess we're different in this aspect---I always get a kick out of seeing people fall asleep in public places. I watched a chaperone on our fieldtrip this week fall asleep sitting right up in his chair....head falling way to the side. I, the responsible adult teacher, pointed it out to the students around me and we all laughed together. I fall asleep in a matter of minutes when I'm on an airplane. I can't believe that people put flyers all over sleeping people at school though! That's just crazy! I would never do that!! I just observe from a far. :) Thanks for the fun post! :)