Thursday, August 19, 2010


Fiona adds a lot of color to our lives.... not only with her ensembles and toys but also with her emerging personality.

She is NOT a quiet girl, and in fact we are finding her to be quite social. She loves to squeal and yell during conversation as a way to take part. She loves being at the dinner table at meal time and is absolutely fascinated by eating and food. (like mother like daughter) .

This is one of her new favorite toys... it is the Baby Einstein Discovery chair. She seems to love all of the animals and has successfully figured out how each toy works. But there is a parrot on it that she has an intense love/hate relationship with. She likes to suck on the feathers on the top of his head, but when he spins around on his perch she gets really ticked at him. I usually end up taking her out when she is yelling and smacking him.


Toni Jones said...

Lincoln is jealous of Fionas discovery chair! And i think i just decided that red is Fionas best color!

jeff and alli said...

I love that chair, it looks so much fun. We have something similar, but yours looks better.