Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Life IN Piles

Tacy Marie... EXPOSED!!!! I would not consider myself a "messy" person per say, yet I do tend to leave a little trail of piles wherever I go. It has been irking me these last few weeks, mostly because one of my New Years resolutions was to not leave piles of stuff on my dresser top.... and yet as shown above it is anything but pile-free.

This is the little nook that exists between my dresser and my bookshelve, NO space is too small to accumulate a pile. This is usually where I stash my school notebook, but somehow a plastic bag, a dress, a hair clip and some other random items have appeared there.

This is the counter space between out kitchen and the entry way. I told my roommates that I would give my best effort in trying to keep this space free and clear of piles.... yet everything you can see in this picture is mine. And really, I am not trying to tick my roommates off, I just don't know how to eliminate piles from my life!!! The second I move one, it just ends up somewhere else. They don't disappear they just relocate... it is an ongoing battle.

This is my room right next to my bed. So my excuse for this pile, is that... ummm.... ok, I really need to be better about not throwing my clothes on the floor. My mom can attest that I have dealt with this most of my life. I used to just be able to shut my door when my family was sick of looking at it. However I share a room with Sarah and she is forced to see this and other such piles everyday.

This is my desk, at which I am currently typing... This is where I keep a lot of my very important piles. I know just where everything is... I think.
SO why am I exposing this all to you my faithful blog readers? Well, my life is a little busy right now, much too busy to bother myself with Piles. I am going to school full time, was called as the new activities committee co-chair at church, training to run a marathon, and I am planning a wedding (With lots and lots of help of course). But HEY I am getting married!!!!! I just want to sit and daydream about Chuck all day (Actually scratch that, I could rather be WITH him making big plans for our life together, it is one of my new favorite things to do). I am trying not to get stressed out... I mean there are so many wonderful things happening in my life right now. However there are some school papers, reading assignments and PILES that are trying to spoil all of my fun and cloud floating.
WELL I WONT LET YOU PILES!!! I'm a mess, but I'm in LOVE... could there be anything better?


Sara said...

Oh, Tacy! I hear ya! Just leave the's all good!

Karen said...

Hey Tacy, I think piles are good things. I have lots of them. I try to move 'em out of the way, but like you said, they just relocate! Some days I am successful but a few days later, they're back again! How can that be?
Have you set a date yet?

Tacy Marie said...

Karen... we did set a date, we are getting sealed in the St. Paul temple on May 23rd! I will be sending you an invite!

Andersonland said...

I knew that's why I liked you so's the piles. I pile too...oh do I pile. Do you want to join my 12 step group??