Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Memories

I am sure that everyone has been hearing a lot the past two days about the passing of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. It was a big topic of conversation for Chuck and I as we thought back on his musical influence and his life.

I fell in love with Michael Jackson in elementary school with my best friend Krystal Shonka. We loved the song Ben, and The Man in the Mirror. We used to play with our stuffed animals while we jammed out. In high school my girlfriends and I loved to blare Thriller from Angie Craig's truck when we were driving away triumphantly from a football game. Recently the song "Don't stop Till you get enough" has motivated me through a lot of long runs.

Who can forget the Thriller music video, or watching the making of it... so cool. I am sure we have all enjoyed being at a dance and watching people form a circle when Billy Jean came on and then one by one people would walk in the middle to do their best moon walk or foot kick... sometimes someone even broke out the crotch grab with the "Hee Hee!" He can be imitated but he will never be duplicated. I can honestly say that I am really grateful for his contribution... the WORLD will never forget him.

There was definitely no shortage of drama in his life, it makes me sad to think that he lived under such constant public attention and pressure. I can recall many times in my life wondering "what in the world is going on with Michael Jackson?" I will miss hearing about him...

What are your favorite Michael Jackson Memories?


Mommadriver said...

Michael Jackson...Gary and I were newly married. 1978. I remember seeing one of his first "adult" appearances without his brothers. I knew he was going to be a BIG STAR. The level of his talent is "otherworldly". He brought it with him into this life. He oozed the love of music and movement.
I feel for all the heartache and drama he had to endure in this life. No one will ever know for sure if he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of, but that shall be a matter between himself and his Heavenly Father. I always hated how unrelenting the media scavengers were in pursuing him even in his "private" life...which was non-existant. Rest-on, Michael, Sing-on, and find Love and Peace. You're home now.

Daniel said...

You know Tacy, I am really proud of you that you stood up and admitted how much you love Micheal. I love him too, all the reason he was so screwed up is because he was abused as a child, that doesn't really excuse what he may have did, but it kind of explains it. Cool blog Tacy, I enjoy reading it!

StuckinFargo said...

I love the scene in "13 Going on 30" when Jen's character gets everyone at this ritzy press party to do a ridiculous dance to "Thriller". The funny thing is, we've all been there! Who doesn't do the zombie arms when that song comes on. It just feels right. Michael may have had his battles, but as they say - he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I won't be throwing stones anytime soon, but I will be shaking my booty to some "Billie Jean"! And yes, there will probably be a "crotchal region" grab or two involved! HE HEEE WHOOOO!