Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hacked, Bushwacked and 12 Hours there and Back.

Maybe the title sums it up, but in case you want elaboration you can read on....

Fiona tried to help me fix it, but she just ended up making the font on my computer super small

HACKED!!! So somehow someway someone from Lagos Nigeria busted into my Facebook and Hotmail accounts. They proceeded to send an e-mail to everyone in my address book pleading for money because I had been mugged in Europe. Most people knew it was a hoax right away, yet I did get a few phone calls and e-mails of genuine concern.... Surprisingly enough even from my Dad who I was hanging out with the night before. The conversation went something like this.

"TACY?!" (In a concerned questioning voice)
"Hey Dad, what's up?"
"Where are you?"
"Not in Euorpe... Dad I was at your house last night."
"I know, I thought it sounded fishy."

Cousin Bowen "working' with Grandpa on his Barbie Laptop

SO just like that my Facebook Days are over for now because this hacker somehow set it up that everytime I change my password he takes if over again... Don't ask me how. AND Hotmail whom I have been going back and forth with, do not beleive that I actually own my e-mail account and will not let me recover the password or shut it down. So basically they are protecting a hacker.

Chuck working hard on his homework.

Do things like this every make you feel like bombing things. I really feel like I could bomb something right now. However that maybe more tied to the fact that I am completely and uterly...


My baby does not sleep through the night. I wake up with her like ever hour and a half to two hours. I am trying to sleep train.... wish me luck. I just wanna sleep!

This is a Sandwich I made and thought was photo-worthy... every time I see this picture I want a sandwich.

Diaper, Boots and Hat... I think I took like 15 pictures in this number. This is the only time I have actually been able to keep the boots on her feet.


We spent Thanksgiving this year in Michigan with Chucks brother Anson. It was a great time, minus the 12 hour drive there and back in the middle of the night to try and keep Fiona from completely loosing it.

We were in Port Huron and we went to some river that leads into Lake Erie and watched huge boats go by. Oh and I went out for my first Black Friday every. I saved over $130!!! Whoot Whoot, I will most definitely do it again next year, what a riot.

I will have to say that I really enjoy adventures and spending time with family. That was probably the most time I've spent with my brother and sister and law and I really enjoy getting to know them better. Even if they keep their house at a frigid 66 degrees!! You guys are NUTS!

Karlene and Miss Clara Bell

Call Men

Cute Cute Cousins

Grandma provides a Holiday Bib

Anson's Happy Face

My first successful Action shot
Uncle Chuck and Clara Bell
Me and My Love


Reuben said...

Sucks that Hotmail & Facebook aren't being very helpful for you right now. Sorry about that. So what are you gonna do? Move to gmail and start over? Get a new facebook? Swear off the internet forever?

Reuben said...
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Tacy Marie said...

I don't know about Facebook, I deactivated the account... perhaps I will just stick to blogging. I did start up a gmail account, how could I swear off the internet forever??? It is my Window to the outside world, as I am so often confined to my apartment with the babe.

The Atomic Mom said...

I'd say, get all of your email contacts from your hotmail, the shut the acct down and go to something more secure like Yahoo or Gmail. As for facebook, check the emails listed in the acct. There is a good chance the hacker put his/her own email in there.

jeff and alli said...

I was 'impressed' with the hacker. I sent you an email to let you know you had been hacked, and I received a response from the hacker saying 'no this is real...' But I assumed from the lack of personal information like names and the addition of not so great language, it was still the hacker.

I'm sure everyone says this about every baby, but really, Fiona is getting cuter and cuter. :)

Lisa Puga said...

Feel free to drop Fiona off at my place for a few hours if you need a nap sometime. I totally understand sleep deprevation.