Thursday, January 20, 2011

In this Light...

On a Thursday after noon Tacy sits on the sectional couch reading a book. The mid-day sun shines through the window and gracefully rests on her. Her husband, sitting close by gazes upon her in this glowing light and says....

Chuck: "You know in certain lighting and at certain angles, when your hair falls just the right way, you remind me of someone... well actually two people."

Tacy: (trying not to move and screw up the light) "Oh really, who?"

Chuck: "Well the first is an elf."

Tacy: (shifting slightly) "Oh really?"

(The image going through Tacy's Mind)

Chuck: "Yea, but not like a Christmas elf."

Tacy: "Ok?" (puzzled at how her husband will turn calling her an elf a compliment)

Chuck: "More like an Elf from the Lord of the Rings, they are really beautiful."

Tacy: "Thank you."

Chuck: "And then sometimes you remind me of Caleb from Kings of Leon when he had long hair." (Then he had to show her a picture because Tacy did not know who this MAN was, or how he could possibly look like her).

(Caleb far left)

Tacy: (but then she kind of saw some resemblance because her hair was tucked behind her ear with a chunk hanging out, and in laughter replied...) "I think that is the funniest thing you have ever said to me."



Kristy Lynne said...

LOL!I lOVED THIS! Men have such a way with words, They know just the way to a woman's heart.

jeff and alli said...

Ah, this made me laugh out loud.

Jeff too says things like this, that make me wonder sometimes, but also smile.

charles said...

There is a big difference between a Christmas elf (as in Herbie the Dentist or Will Ferrel) and ELVES (as in LOTR).

This is a description of elves taken from

"Elves vary in size from 4'10" and 5'8". However, according to their delicate bodies they seem much taller than they really are. Often male and female elves are hard to discern, at first glance. Both sexes usually have big, expressive eyes (in the most splendid colors). They wear their hair uncut and open, have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Male elves also don't have any beard growth. Very typical for elves are their pointed ears, and high cheekbones. In modern descriptions, elves are either light or dark, the light elves having starlike eyes, faces brighter than the sun, and golden-colored hair; the dark elves are pitch black and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. Both are attractive, in appearance at least. Elves prefer greens and greenish-greys while dark elves prefer blacks, dark grey, and sometimes silver."

As you can see, big difference.

As for long-haired Caleb from Kings OF Leon?... Well he just looked like a woman, a quite attractive woman I might add. I mean the guy even had bangs.

Toni Jones said...

Oh these Call boys...

A couple of years ago when Dan and i were dating, he told me I kind of looked like his DAD. I was like "WHAT THE?! How can that possibly be a compliment, being the fact that i am a girl!" And then he tried to redeem himself by saying, "Well actually... you remind me a lot of my Aunt Nancy, and she and my Dad look quite a bit alike. Don't worry, she's really pretty!"

I think he's learned a thing or two since then about complimenting me. haha!

Shum Girl said...

Looking like an elf on LOTR is a great compliment. You are lucky! I am caught up on your life now just so you know!