Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Number two review

I am just recovering from my second bout of strep throat in the last month. That makes, one cold/nasty thing, one mastitis attack, and two cases of strep in only a short month and a half. Honestly I have never been sick so many times in my life in such a short period of time. It has made things interesting at best and horrible at worst with a new born in the house. I can only blame myself for a few reasons... one because I committed the cardinal sin of stopping my antibiotics before they were finished (I will never do that again!!!) and second because sometimes I don't know how to stop moving around and take a break. My doctor told me I have exhaustion... she told me to get some sleep (sometimes easier said than done) But Chuck has been helping me get some extra ZZZZZ's and Daphnie is getting better at sleeping through the night.

Speaking of Daphnie, she is delicious. She is soft and plump, smells like heaven (and sometimes a fine baby cheese), she makes the cutest faces when she cries, has the most tiny mouth... and makes a little poutty lip that kills me.

Funny how different the baby experience is the second time around. Daphnie really helps to slow things down around here in comparison to the Rambunctious Rhino Rumble that is my toddler. Which makes me feel really torn. I love playing with Fiona, she says funny stuff, and laughs, cries, dances, eats my food (sometimes) and enjoys a good book almost as much as I do. BUT Daphnie likes things nice and quiet and to be held near constantly. It's hard to know if I am giving each child what it is that they need, because right now they need really different things, and I am only one person and can only do so much.

I still scratch my head every time I try to imagine my mother in law with a house of eight kids. What a women.


The Atomic Mom said...

I"m sorry you've been so sick. I blame church...honestly, it's a cesspool of sickness. I am happy that James is graduating to Sunbeams in January. Still, there will be germs, but perhaps not so many. I think we should just all stop shaking hands at church during the winter months. The other thing is, I've stopped using all public water fountains after we saw a wee-child french kissing the water fountian at church. Um, no thanks.

Toni Call said...

i can't believe all the crap you've gone through, YUCK! so sorry. i think it's a sign that you guys need to move out of the cold and someplace warm, like el paso...

Mommadriver said...

Rule No. 1 of Motherhood: NEVER NEVER NEVER compare yourself to ANY OTHER MOTHER!!!
Heavenly Father has given you these spirits for a purpose and has entrusted them to ONLY YOU and Your Husband. You have the right to inspiration as to how to give them what they need. I believe you are doing a great job!

Yes, your Mother-in-law had eight kids, BUT, she has a different temperament, and she started at a very much younger age! (There is NO comparison!) I agree with the comment by Atomic Mom above. Church is a germy place. Bring your wipes, and don't shake hands.