Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Great Pony Puzzle

There are many people who jokingly talk about every little girl wanting a pony. I however can not recall that ever being a dream of mine. I wasn't really into horses, that was my sisters thing. She was a My Little Pony junkie, they were everywhere in her room. Now I will admit that there were many things I copied my sister on, but when it came to favorite animals I felt like I had to be different. We couldn't pick the same favorite, for that might somehow diminish my love for the animal... plus I would never be able to compete with the horse and pony show she had going on in her room. So I choose the monkey instead. So what does all of this have to do with the adorable picture at the top of this post. Well, I went to a farm the other day... you know just to hang out (it was a ward party). There were ponies all over the place, just walking around letting people pet them!!! I suddenly felt like a little girl... could I have denied myself all these years of my desire to have my very own pony? This little girl (in the picture), who never told me her name, was sitting all by herself.. I walked over and asked if she wanted to go and pet the ponies with me. You can't tell from the picture, but she was talking to them.. which at first I thought "How cute is that." Then when I went up to pet them I realized that I was talking to them too... but I wondered if it was cute when I did it... or if I just looked like a crazy person. Nevertheless.... I loved every minute of it!!!!! Call me a late bloomer if you will, I 24 years old... and I want a pony for Christmas. I feel like I just made my introductions for a 12 step group.... it's called Pony lovers anonymous. OK enough talk... more pictures!!!!


Mary said...

Tace, her name is Aleena, and yes, she was adorable. The farm trip was so much fun for everyone, and was enjoyed by all. I loved the pictures of the rock climbing too.
Oh, and the music was playing as I turned-on your blog..."Heavenly Days" was the first one...

Sara said...

Tacy! You are too funny! I love reading your blogs! Talking to a pony shouldn't make you look crazy....people talk to dogs all the time, right? It can't be too different. :) I can't recall ever wanting a pony but I DO remember my dad saying that he was "going to go see a man about a horse" everytime he didn't really want to tell us where he was going, which was usually just a date with my mom and I always wondered why they'd go look but never buy one. One time they took my sister and I on a drive and when I asked where we were going, my dad said to the nursery. I was so excited to go play, thinking we were going to the church nursery. we ended up looking at trees instead. :)

Amy & James said...

Haha...Sara is so right. My dad said that all the time. I love reading your blog, Tacy, you're so funny! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Deanna said...

Again, you make me laugh. I'm so happy you are part of my life!