Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Falling Out of Love

Last night after waiting 2 hours in a snow storm for the bus to come and pick me up I realized that my feelings for the bus have changed, I'm not sure I love it like I used to. This morning was not any better, I was 30 minutes late to work. I am going to have to suck it up though, there is no way that I can afford to drive downtown, nor do I think it would be much more time efficient.
I was amazed that a riot didn't break out at the bus stop last night. There were probably 60-70 people waiting, and you haven't seen cranky till you see a bus stop full of people who have been working all day, are freezing cold, and want to get home. I was amazed at how many grown adults were not dressed warm enough…no hats, no gloves, no boots… WHAT WOULD THEIR MOTHERS SAY?!?!?!" I was bundled up quite nicely but after an hour I got wet and then the wind picked up, I was shaking so intensely I thought my legs were going to brake off.
Buses kept driving by us but they were so full that they didn't even attempt to pick anyone else up. People at my stop were screaming, swearing, calling the bus company to chew them out and a few ladies even ran up to buses stopped at the lights pounding on the doors for them to "let one more on."
In my mind I imagined this ferocious mob of bus stop renegades surrounding buses and tipping them over, knocking down nearby trees to burn for warmth and hijacking vehicles to make it home. I just laughed to myself about all the drama, hummed Christmas Carols and Hymns. I realized that getting upset wouldn't make the bus come any faster.
When the bus finally came it was Bonnie!!! Who is my favorite bus driver in the whole world (nest to my mom that is), she cracked jokes over the microphone to our overfilled bus… telling us that we were going to play musical chairs, and she even sang us some Christmas carols… "oh the weather outside is frightful, but the bus is so delightful and since there's no where else we can go, let it snow let it snow let it snow." Some people looked bothered that she was joking around, I laughed and clapped for her… sometimes people just need to lighten up.
The first few snow falls seem to cause a lot of trouble, but after a few weeks people adjust quite well to it. I do have to say I am excited for the winter wonderland we have to enjoy for the holidays, hopefully I will get out sledding or make a few snow angels in the backyard this week.
I guess it's wrong for me not to love the bus just because the weather is bad, the bus company can't stop it from snowing. And buses have to drive slower in harsh conditions… we all have our weaknesses… to really love someone (or a bus) you have to see past their weaknesses. I'm really glad we had this talk… I guess the bus and I can make this relationship work, but there is going to have to be some sacrifice and a whole lot of patience.


Amy & James said...

The bus has always been a love/hate relationship for me. I took the public bus to BYU my first 2 years of school here and hated every minute of it--but driving to school is also a pain sometimes. At least we don't have to walk, right?!
So I think you know a professor out here who teaches in the family science dept...she's young and blonde and very pretty, and she used to teach at U of Minn. Anyway, she came to my class to sit on our feminism panel last week and I LOVE her!!

David said...

I've gotta say, when it comes to snow the light rail is definitely the way to go! I got shuttled out of downtown after waiting for a mere 3 minutes for a train. Of course that's not an option for you, but i figured I'd rub it in since I'm a nice guy like that.