Monday, February 11, 2008


Today at work I asked a few guys in my office what they were going to do for the special lady in their life on Valentines Day. Many of them still have no idea, so I tried to offer some simple suggestions. However one of the men in my office said that his girlfriend does not like Valentines Day because it is a "Hallmark Holiday." This is not the first time I have heard this... what do people have against Hallmark anyway? I realize that this is no Christmas or Easter and pales in comparison to Thanksgiving, but here are a few reasons why I LOVE VALENTINES DAY.
  • It is a great excuss to wear pink and red!!!
  • You can draw little hearts on everything just like when you were in middle school.
  • It's another great reason to eat chocolate.
  • Candy Hearts are a great way to boost self esteem.. nothing like eating a candy that says "Hot Stuff" or "Too Cute" on it.
  • It is the perfect time to reveal hidden feelings for someone special.
  • Or even better have someone reveal their feelings for you...
  • I love the smell of the roses that my Dad gets for my mom
  • Stuffed animals holding hearts that play music when you push their hands provide hours of mind numbing entertainment (I have a small collection, and enjoy testing them out at Wal-mart).
  • Because all you needs is LOVE!!!!

Have a great Valentines Day... Let me know if anything magical happens!


Amy & James said...

This just makes my day! Valentine's day is awesome, for all those reasons you listed. Our family always had a fancy candlelight dinner, and then we'd devour a box of chocolates and some jello jigglers in the shape of hearts. Now it's a little more romantic, but come on, who doesn't enjoy a holiday that's all about Love?!

Sara said...

I agree with you and my sister! Valentines Day has been my favorite holiday for years! Plus, it's fun to celebrate in my class....all those gushy little 5th graders! Gotta love it!!