Friday, October 2, 2009

Depends on how you look at it (Week 14 on Planet Pregnancy)

You might think this is a picture of the marshmallow statues on top of the mighty black mountain. Yet those are just my little feet peeking out from under my growing belly.

I wanted to show you all my pregnancy bump.

Yet these first two photo's more capture the way it FEELS to be expanding, and not necessarily what it appears like to all of ya'll.

Sometimes I just feel like I'm blowing up like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory... Only I wont have to be sent to the juice room for squeezing, more like the delivery room for pushing:)

Yet from the side, it's not all that big yet... I have a long way to go, and lots more growing to do.
I have always loved seeing other ladies pregnant bellies, I think they are cute. It is just interesting when it's your own, because at times it can be a little uncomfortable. I am sure it will be different when I buy some maternity clothes, right now I am wearing all my regular clothes... stretched, unbuttoned, and tight.
Bring on the stretchy Pants!


Kristy Lynne said...

ADORABLE!! I am sooo excited for you!

Sara said...

I love it! :)

Megan said...

Tacy your belly is so cute, I love your blog!

Toni Jones said...

love the bump! the stretchy pants are awesome, i've been wearing them for almost a month now... even though i still have like one pair of normal jeans that still fit! Maternity pants are just too comfortable to pass up!

Karen said...

Just cute, Tacy. I love to read your blogs. You always seem to make my day!

sware said...

:) love him?her? you!!

jeff and alli said...

Tacy, you know that couple from Idaho that moved into the ward? do you have their contact info? can you pass it on to me?

is she still looking for a doctor? if so, you can give her my number.

your bump is good, you look cute and pregnant. i feel mine is still, i'm gaining weight. :)

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEE!!!!! I am so excited!!! I am sad I am missing this in winsconsin. I will be home on around nov. 30th (90 DAYS HERE!! SOOOO LONG!!!) so we will have to get together so I can see da babay bump!!!!!