Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Color, Space, Warmth, Peace

How LONG has it been!!!! Oh how I have missed you all... and the Internet for that matter. It has taken us a little while to get everything set up in our new home and even longer to post because I spent so much time catching up on everyone Else's blogs first. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long, here is a little bit about what Chuck and I have been up to these last few weeks.
We packed it up. The whole Kit and Caboodle. I wondered how I would do moving being pregnant and all... but Chuck and worked out a nice system, I put most of it in the boxes and using his brute strength he hauled and shipped load after load. Go team Call!
Somewhere in the shuffle of it all, I got a little emotional. And I thought to myself, "WHY am I crying, I don't like this cold, stinky, cramped, moldy apartment!" Yet it had nothing to do with my surroundings, I was just thinking about all of the wonderful memories we had there. It will forever be our little honeymoon home... and for that I love it.
As my mom pointed out, living here first will help us to appreciate other places we will live that much more.
Strangely enough I like moving, because it allows me to re asses my stuff/junk, get rid of things and reorganize. It also helps me find all of my bobby pins... which I will discover in the randomest of corners and crevices.

And clean off the fridge. Which was one of Chuck's only moving requests... "Tacy, in our new place can we only have like one thing on the fridge door?"

(I am still working on scaling back... What can I say I like magnets and pictures. )

So I said good-bye to the kitchen with absolutely no counter space.
The weird ethnic smells in the hallways (Indian + Chinese + American Cooking in a closed hallway with no ventilation = Stanky Stankness).
The Mold that grows in the floorboards.
The little tiny ants that would seem to appear out of thin air.
The cement floor.
The cold air which never got much above 69 degrees F.
The water on the window sills.
The bathroom fan that sounded like a rocket ship was launching.
And the complete and utter lack of closet space, or any space for that matter.
And just like that we were gone, and into our New Home!
We first decided that it needed a little bit of COLOR.
So we decided to paint the dining room Turquoise. And I LOVE it! I have been living in apartments for so long, and have never gotten up the nerve to paint, I always just think it will be such a hassle to paint it back before moving. Yet Chuck and I know we will be here for a couple of years while we start our family, so we felt it was well worth it to make the space our own.

I still have some sweet pictures to hang up. My friend Kristy B gave me a great idea to buy a cookbook and frame the pictures in it.
If you will notice the view into the kitchen you will see my new knight in shinning armor... the dishwasher.
I feel so much more excited to cook, especially knowing that clean up will be a breeze.
This is a stuffed pepper dinner I made the other night with enchilada sauce... Mmmmmm.

I have also been making bread with my new Kitchen Aid that we got at Christmas... what an incredible piece of machinery.

Oh just look at all this SPACE! All the counter top I could ever need, and more cupboards than I have food to fill.

Our new palace is also filled with WARMTH... we can adjust the heat ourselves, and we are never cold.
The bathroom is huge and so is the mirror in it... along with my belly, which I gave you a little 31 week belly side shot bonus in this photo.

We have an extra bedroom, which will one day soon become our baby girl's nook... yet for now it has been designated the massage room. Have I ever told you how thankful I am that my husband went to massage therapy school.

Lots of closet space.

We are still looking for some furniture for our large living room space.
This week we are getting a piano to put in here next to Chuck's guitars... we decided there will be lots of beautiful music in our home.

We are in heaven here. We feel at PEACE in our new place and look forward to spending the next few years here as our family grows.
Thanks for letting me show and tell. Come over and visit us sometime soon!


Amy said...

That looks perfect for your growing family! I love the turquoise wall! We lived in a place like your old one when we first got married, and I have to say, I don't remember the bad things about it. Just that we were so happy and so honeymoonish. :) congrats!

Reuben said...

I'm glad you brought your caboodles with you. You should keep your bobby pins in your caboodles so you don't lose them.

jeff and alli said...

Oh, it looks fantastic, that space must be heaven! And I love the wall you painted.

Rees has asked for Tacy and doesn't understand that you don't live in your old apartment anymore.

Toni Jones said...

Everything looks great, I'm so happy you have that apartment. I love the turquoise wall, too. Great choice! To answer your question, we got our travel system from lonestarbaby.com
From what i've heard and read, Chicco is a really good brand, and you want to try to find a car seat that holds up to 30lbs, that way it lasts longer. Most car seats only do like 22lbs and you end up having to buy a new car seat way too soon. THis website also has them for the best price, and the shipping was FREE! We got ours just 4 days after ordering it, pretty sweet!

Alyson S said...

Tacy I love your blog! I'm so glad that I can kind of keep up with what you are doing even though we don't have class together anymore :(

Clarinda said...

Tacy! Thanks for stopping by my blog (and leaving me a comment). I enjoyed reading about your move. I love the turquoise dining room. It looks great in the final picture. I love your style, so I'm going to follow your blog. :-)

真心 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tacy Marie said...

Just wanted to leave a note about the comment I deleted. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the compliment... I removed it because it was attached to a link of pictures that "exposed" a lot about you. I feel an obligation to protect my readers from images of that nature.
-Tacy Marie

Sarah said...

Tacy Marie! Sure love your new place. Its beautiful. Of course you would paint your wall that color:) O how that makes me smile.

Can't wait to see it in person ;)

Hey can I get your new address? AW just set something over for you!