Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Hangover

Christmas was really great this year, 4 straight days of family and feasting. I have been spending the last couple of days trying to recover from all of the commotion. All of that excitement can sure wear a person out.... plus you can only eat so many cookies before you start to feel like butter and sugar are coursing through your veins.

Here are a few of the highlights...

The 23rd was my Birthday... 27 years young. I was treated to breakfast, got a foot rub and new knitting and crocheting tools from my hubby (there is a baby blanket already in the works). That evening we went to mom and dad Call's for the famous candle light dinner.

I say famous because this is where Chuck and I started our magical life together last year. So it is really special to us. Plus the food my mother in law makes is always incredible. Prime rib, shrimp, green beans, potatoes, crescent rolls, and delicious salads... I felt like royalty.

Plus my in-laws have this great tradition that when it is someones birthday everyone in the family tells that person why they like them. So everyone went around the table and gave me a compliment... so nice to be loved, and I always feel like having family around is all one could really ask for on their Birthday.
But as if that wasn't enough... I got a Pampered Chef garlic press (There is no substitute!)

Then we were all treated to Chuck and his brother Dan's annual wrestling match. I believe Chuck has kicked Dan's trash countless years in a row.
Yet it appeared this year Dan would triumph when he put Chuck in this little maneuver.
(don't you love the matching PJ bottom's mom Call made for them!?)

However Chuck unleashed the beast, got his head out from between Dans thighs and tackled him to the ground. I really wish I had audio to go with this picture because Chuck was screaming and grunting something but I was laughing too hard to remember what it was.

So for another year Chuck remains triumphant.

Jason and Chuck played Christmas songs for all of us to sing along to... and we made some beautiful harmonies together.

I learned how to finish a quilt.

And I got to see Toni! My also very pregnant sister in law. Her and Dan live in Idaho and we haven't seen them since our wedding in May. We are due only a few weeks apart, and are looking forward to our babies being really close in age, and hopefully great friends.

We spent Christmas day with my side of the family... but I was busy in the kitchen and didn't take any pictures (bummer). My sister came into town and it was great to see her. We celebrated her 29th birthday on December 26th by playing Rock band at my brother's house. Good times.
Hope all of you in Blogger land had a Merry Christmas!


Karen said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Tacy. Hope your new year is a blast!!!

Daniel said...

I loved all of these pictures! Good times, good times!

p.s. this is toni, not dan.

Kar said...

I am so glad you do a blog! I loved the pictures and you both look so cute pregnant I wish we didn't have to miss all of that. Good luck