Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Ramsey County Human Services Department-

Thanks for accepting my application for Health Care, there is no way my husband and I could afford having a baby without government assistance. I was just wondering however if it might be possible not to mail me hundreds of forms that are confusing and only have two sentences on them. I feel like a small portion of some distant serene rain forest has been torn down in order to provide enough paper to send me all of these forms. I just know President Obama really wants our country to be more "green" so maybe you could just e-mail me or something... or even better, just call me! My phone number should be readily available on forms 1 through 678. Yet I am starting to think that my case worker is actually a robot... so I understand if the current technology does not allow these machines to have actual conversations with human beings.

Also I was quite surprised to find out that my policy "does not cover anything Natural" (as stated by the kind worker on the telephone). I thought I would be saving you all some money by having a natural birth... I mean no $1,000.00 epidural, machines, or surgeon fees for a C-section. When I suggested to the nice insurance lady that my natural birthing class at a mere $230.00 would potentially save you all $770.00 she informed me that my "opinion" doesn't determine coverage. I would be most appreciative if you would reconsider covering my Hypnobirthing class. You know Christmas is coming up and my birthday is also on December 23rd.... it could be my present. I figure the hospital would also greatly benefit from one less screaming woman in labor, I will be peacefully in a deep state of relaxation from the breathing exercises I will learn during the class and be able to birth pain free (without yelling at all the nursing staff).

I hope it doesn't sound like I am complaining, just trying to help... it seems like there might be a efficient way of doing things down there. I hope you get it figured out! Happy Holidays.

Tacy Marie


Tammy said...

It is strange how the world has changed and if you want a natural child birth you are crazy. And a lot of people think natural is anything but cesarean so I had to clarify all the time "NO DRUGS" and "Don't break my water for me". It was like I was speaking a foreign language. I read the book Birthing From Within and it was amazing and really helped me prepare. I also had a Doula which was wonderful! I loved my natural childbirth and look back at it fondly.
I got little support from those around me so I thought I would let you know I support you whatever you do but just do exactly what you want. You are not crazy. Let me know if you need any advice.

Sheridan said...

Great letter! Indeed they should cover childbirth classes, as they will save them money.

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Megan said...

Please tell me you're going to send this to them! I don't like that they aren't allowing you to have the birth you want to have... grr.

JuliaRCM said...

prety much so funny. i also really love geting a letter every few days telling how important it is to have my child go to her doctor's appointment and then three letters after that all in spanish, which is funny because most of the time i don't even really understand what the english copy is all about. and hypnobirthing is amazing, so amazing in fact that after about a month i wanted to have another baby because it was so easy! love you guys!

jeff and alli said...

Are there any other classes you can take for cheaper? I was looking at a refresher Lamaze class and I think it was only $40...but it probably isn't what you are looking for.