Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goodmorning Peanut

Is there anything more wonderful than a fuzzy baby head.... I love starting my day to Fiona's fuzzy little melon, and then carefully smoothing it all back down.

She is so animated in the space between sleep

This is when her little baby smiles come out. People say baby's this young can't smile and that it is just gas. I don't care if it is her genuine joyfulness or indigestion it always makes me happy.

She really stops time for me because I feel like I could sit and stare at her for hours.

It is like when people tell you to stop and smell the roses.... around here we have stopped to stare at (and smell) the baby

These pictures would really be more true to life if they were scratch and sniff, you don't get the full effect without that new baby smell... especially her breath. Chuck thinks we should work on trying to market the baby's breath scent.... we would be rich!

kisses everyone!

We will just be hiding out in our little heaven until mommy has made a full recovery


Toni Jones said...

She is so precious, i can't wait to hold her!

Mommadriver said...

LOVE these shots, and all your adorable commentary, too. You really have a unique gift for writing, Tacy. Keep 'em coming!