Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

If you should ever find yourself walking to Ace Hardware to pick up some Windex and you see a man with a camera and one with a microphone you might want to think twice about saying hello. But I just can't help but be friendly to people... CURSE my niceness, this is also the reason I get roped into a lot of mall surveys and end up spending 20 minutes talking to the animal rights people (Hey I served and LDS mission, I have sympathy for people who have to talk to strangers)

So Mr. Microphone asked if I wanted to talk to him about the Economy for Kare 11 news. I was like, "Um, yea I don't really think I have a lot to talk about on the subject." But he said, "Oh we are just looking for regular people." I thought... hey I'm regular.

So turns out there was a report today that is saying the recession is over and ended quite awhile ago.... You don't have to be any sort of economic genius to smell that load of crap....

But seriously after I answered this guys questions I was like there is no way they are going to put me on the news... I bet other people had much more exciting things to say. But right around 5:00 pm I started hearing from people that they saw me on TV. LOL and now I am in a video on the front page of the website. So for your viewing pleasure here is Tacy Call with the scoop on the economy.

Ps... after I talked to this guy I was like, I said I know lots of people who are unemployed... but who do I actually know. Chuck tackled me after he watched it calling me a liar and saying he wanted names. LOL... So I don't know lots of people who are unemployed. But I did talk to two guys on the phone the other day for work who said they were looking for jobs and Chuck knows three people at church, so I am not a total liar.


jeff and alli said...

Look at you big star!

I know specific people without work, or people that have work but in jobs that don't pay enough to pay their bills.

It sounds like there may be a disconnect between the people that want to follow the textbook definition of recession vs all the people struggling to survive.

Shum Girl said...

Good job. You sounded like you knew what you were talking about.
BTW: I changed my blog around and the blog reader or google readers are not updating properly for some reason. I think you have to delete me and re-add me. Anyways, just in case you actually want to get updates for my blog.

Lisa Puga said...

Wow! You are famous! You know it's not so much whether the recession is technically over as a whole, but for individuals. And, students don't even factor into the unemployment rate. There are hundreds of thousands of us who graduated and never could find a decent job. Wow. I said a lot more than I intended to in this comment.

You looked great on t.v.

The Atomic Mom said...

OMH (that His for Heck because that's how I roll) are so on top of it sista! Can I have your autograph? And I really have to commend the KARE Crack Journalists (or is that journalists on crack?) for the nuts, bolts and seeing imagry...I bet they all got A+s at college.