Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doppy Docks and Flip Flops

"Doppy docks" is a phrase that I can only assume one of my sweet little old neighbors made up... because it is the first thing I have Googled and NOT found. But that is what she calls it when you don't have any shoes on. Fiona doesn't wear shoes, so my neighbor always grabs her feet and says, "your going doppy docks with mommy."

I don't often roll doppy docks, yet I do love a good flip flop and wear them in many circumstances. Today marked the death of my favorite pair of flip flops the strap completely busted in two. I seriously have had them for almost 10 years. They were cheap-O Old Navy ones but for some reason they had been worn to my exact foot shape and had a soft brown strap that never irritated the space between my toes and I loved them.

It has been a sad week for my wardrobe.

The crotch of two pairs of black workout pants completely wore out. It was destined to happen because when I run my thighs rub together and almost literally burn a hole in my pants. ( sorry for the use of the word crotch... I am not a fan of saying it but it is the best way to describe that area of a pair of pants. If someone knows an alternate word I would love to know it)

And I spilled bleach all over a long sleeved T-shirt and it has discolored splotches all over.

I also realized this week that going to school part time, working part time, being married to a man who is in school full time, works part time, on top of having a six month old... is a lot more difficult than I imagined it would be.

Fiona helps me to not feel so overwhelmed however... which seems crazy because she needs the most from me each day. Yet no matter how stressed out I am there is just something about her sweet little toothless grin that makes everything seem like not such a big deal. And so when I feel like pulling my hair out because I have a mountain of homework and Chuck is not home and Fiona wants to play... I just let her pull my hair out for me.

Hows that for stress relief?

Somehow today she managed to pull my pony tail to the complete top of my head


Reuben said...

It's ok to say "crotch." Everybody's got one. I've got one. I almost set my crotch on fire once when I was running in corduroys (don't ask me why I was running in corduroys).

Karen said...

There's nothing wrong with that word so use it! Ha! Love the pic of you and Fiona. Hang in there!

Lisa Puga said...

Lil Pedro and I are big fans of doppy docks!

Flip flops especially deserve mourning when they go the way of all favorite footwear.

Toni Jones said...

fionas smile is priceless in that picture! love it.

Nhia said...

You are too cute. It's good to see you are still Tacy. = ) Take care.