Thursday, October 28, 2010

Invisible Tape

Today Chuck bought a juicer at the Goodwill for $9.99. Quite the steal when you consider they can cost hundreds of dollars. I was apprehensive about the purchase, thinking to myself... "Are you actually going to use this thing or is it just going to take up space in the cupboard?"

The second he got it home though he cleaned it and began tossing things from the fridge into it. He juiced a carrot, spinach, celery, Roma tomato and then a banana pepper which made it almost TOO spicy for consumption, but he chugged it down. I had a few sips too... not too shabby. Even if we don't use it that often, it was worth the 10 bucks to watch Chuck get excited in the kitchen.

So my dreams of being the characters from the movie the Labyrinth has died... it is just too much work to find all the stuff I need and I don't have the time. But I do still think Chuck would make a terrific 1980's David Bowie. It's probably best to not get dangerously close to crossing the gender line at Church Halloween parties anyhow. We are still dressing up, I will wait to show you until Halloween though.

Fiona is wearing 12 month old clothes, trying to climb up everything in sight like a little monkey, and she recently started reaching into her diapers the moment I open them to change her. Which.... if you have experienced this, you know that a baby with poop on it's hands is a really good equation for poop on just about everything! The second she touches it her hand immediately waves wildly touching everything in sight. I have had to start pinning her arms down.

Oh and there is a roll of invisible tape on my desk right now. It's incredible that I can even see it.


The Atomic Mom said...

i always have a little toy or something for James to play with so his hands are busy while I'm changing him. Right now he's very intrested in the bulb asperator, and the temporal artery thermometer.

Shum Girl said...

I love your costume idea. I may have to try that one year.