Friday, December 10, 2010

OH Tannenbaum!

Last night our Christmas tree was officially set up in our living room.Which was a great accomplishment because it had been UN-officially set up for a few weeks.

My parents let us borrow their fake tree (which I really enjoy, I am not a fan of the mess or disposal of real ones). I asked for them to bring it over after Thanksgiving.

My Dad did, but we quickly realized that there was no tree stand. So the next day I went to Walmart to pick one up.

I got home with it excited to set the tree up, BUT it quickly became apparent that something else was missing.

I put the angel on and she was starring me right in the face.
I thought... I remember her being a little higher up than this, then Chuck pointed out there there was a whole section of the tree missing. Which after taking a step back was quite apparent.

We kept the tree like this in the living room for about a week until my parent found the missing section and the tree stand.

Much better!!! I love decorating for Christmas... can you see that I wrapped my air conditioner in the background like a present. :)


Fiona is sick, and not sleeping well. It's been a rough last couple of days... doesn't she know it's finals?!?! Kidding. We have been to urgent care and the regular doctor. She has red ears and a red throat but they said just to ride it out. Which is probably best, cuz we don't want to be pumping antibiotics into her unless it is necessary.

I went to get her from crying at 3:00am last night and when I picked her up she felt like a little hot potato. Her fever was 102.3 and she heartily puked all over me twice.

Yet, like the typical mom I did not clean myself up, but sat with her, got her medicine, and monitored her fever till it broke. I tried to sleep on her crib mattress with her (I pulled it out of the crib of course) and now I know that I am TOO BIG to sleep on a crib mattress next to a baby. BUT when you are sleep deprived you can fall asleep almost anywhere in any position.

And so I slept on a crib mattress, next to Fiona with my legs up on one of her toys.

And for some reason I found it necessary to BLOG this morning covered in dry baby puke.
Time to wash up:)


Sara said...

Oh Tacy, you make me laugh....glad you pulled the mattress out of the crib...I did enjoy picturing you IN the crib though! Hope little Fiona gets well soon!

Clarinda said...

I love the wrapped A/C. So cute!

Hope sweet Fiona is feeling better.

Lisa Puga said...

Keep blogging. You always bring a smile. The other day, I had a mommy moment when Pedro puked and I quickly caught it in my hand and shirt so it wouldn't get on the carpet.

The Atomic Mom said...

Haha on that AC.

Ok, antibiotcis, if given for a bacterial infection are not bad -- for viruses yes they are worthless. Please don't buy into that hype. Nothing soothes and ear infection better than some good old pink amoxicillin. If you do have to give her antibiotics, remember to put the contents of an acidophillus capsul into her bottle or soft food and give her yogurt to help keep her abdominal flora right.