Friday, February 11, 2011

Cara Cara

Whole Foods... I think I have mentioned this before but there is a Whole Foods grocery store literally three buildings away from me. In this neighborhood it is jokingly called "Whole Paycheck Foods" because everything in there is more expensive than it is at the regular grocery store. BUT for good reason. Most of the food (especially the produce and meat) is way better. It even looks fancier and cleaner when you walk in. It is organic, meaning that is was grown with out chemical fertilizers or pesticides. PLUS they ALWAYS have lots of free samples throughout the whole store.

I walked over there to find an orange the other day, grabbed the biggest juiciest looking one I could find and came home. When I cut into it I was a little confused, cuz it was bright pink and thought I might have grabbed a grapefruit. But it was sooooo sweet!!!! Turns out it was just a Cara Cara orange. I don't know why I have not heard about these until my 28th year of life.... but I am in love. I daresay they are the best orange I have ever tasted and have wanted to eat one every day since.

I went to the regular grocery store a few days later and saw that they also sold Cara Cara's for a DOLLAR CHEAPER a pound. Wow! I thought, and loaded up. When I got them home they were not the same... the skins were thinner and they looked dull pink on the inside and didn't taste like anything special, they didn't taste like much of anything....

So back to Whole Foods.... and once again they were delicious.

The moral of this story is that cheaper price is NOT always better... ESPECIALLY when it comes to food. I like how the movie FOOD Inc put it. Every time you go to the store and make a purchase you a voting as a consumer. You are telling the producers what you value and enjoy.

SO vote organic... if not always, at least once in awhile. And try a Cara Cara!


Mara said...

Hi there... I don't believe we've met, but I know your hubby and our moms are friends :) and I stalk your blog!

Anyway... I fell in love with the Cara Cara pink navel orange a few years ago and saved the sticker so I could find them at the store. I ate it at a photo shoot and nobody knew where they had been purchased. I've been to every grocery store at least once (I even tried Whole Foods last winter) but have not been able to find them anywhere!! I am totally going to Whole Foods tomorrow!! My mouth is already watering!

Thank you for posting this!

Shum Girl said...

Ditto, ditto! I want to try one! I haven't heard of them. We are in sync because i just mentioned food inc in my last post!

jeff and alli said...

K, I now want one, but there isn't a Whole Foods over here. :(

Guess what, your brother-in-law Anson is now in our ward.

The Atomic Mom said...

I'm still not sold on Whole Foods. Trader Joes and Sunflower Markets are much better on the wallets. However, I think my homegrown Arizona navels will beat a Cara Cara(which are very good) anyday. :)

Nicole Moss said...

I was in my local grocery store the other day and saw some Cara Cara oranges and remembered this post. I never need much of an excuse to buy fruit (any food, really) so I brought some home. They're pretty darn tasty!

Anonymous said...

Hi guess what exactly same thing happened to me! O.o! I was so confused .... but now u cleared it up for me!