Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am really perturbed by the release of the show SKINS onto MTV. If you don't know what that is I warn you that if you Google it you will find a tawdry photo of 15 + teenagers in sexy nighties looking half dead. The show is supposed to be about teenagers having sex with each other, doing drugs, binge drinking, breaking the law... etc. etc. Basically it is a parents worst nightmare. And is rated M for mature. MTV claims it is not geared towards kids. Yet the show was watched by 3 millions viewers the first night, and about 1.3 million were under the age of 18.

Some of the shows stars are 15 years old and are portrayed scantily clad and in explicit sex scenes. There are lots of reasons why this bothers me... the sexualization of young girls, the unrealistic reality portrayed (NOT ALL KIDS that age are having sex and doing drugs), the pressure to act like these kids do. BUT above all it disgusts me because ADULT MEN watch this show and begin to view young girls in a sexual way. SO thank you MTV for providing near child pornography to breed the next generation of petafiles who prey on young girls....

Whatever happened to shows where kids were presented with sex, drugs and other teenage issues but with the help of family and friends made the RIGHT CHOICE?!?!?!?! MTV argues that parents should monitor what their children watch. That is true but in our technological age if kids want to watch it or are curious they are going to be able to despite their parents wishes. I think that MTV should bear some sort of responsibility for what they expose people to. It just seems with all of the problems our culture is facing with teenage pregnancy, underage drinking, STDS, Drug use, child pornography, and many more.... THIS show is tacky and in poor taste to say the least.

Whatever happened to shows like these?

Like Boy Meets World

and Family Matters


Reuben said...

I haven't seen the SKINS show you're talking about (though I've heard of it...). But I just want to point out for the record, that there are plenty of adult men fantasizing about Topanga and Kelly KaPOWski, too. It might be the case that humans are just generally lustful.

Shum Girl said...

I completely agree. I hate that it promotes to girls that the only way to get attention is to have sex with boys.

Tacy Marie said...

Reuben... I do agree with you to the extent that young girls have been sexualized for years. I mean Kelly and Topanga both wore a lot of belly shirts. I am sure there are many individuals who have lots of sick and disturbing thoughts over seemingly innocent things. But to me this show just gives them fuel for the fire. And makes it seem like 15 year old girls are ready to have sex with just about anyone.