Friday, June 17, 2011

Much muchness

SO yes, we have arrived in Utah... our sweet new abode. Just a few initial reactions.
  • Our apartment GORGEOUS (see videos to follow with breathtaking scenery)
  • Mountains... Majestic
  • I-15... probably the worst freeway known to man, I would rather pioneer trek by handcart through the mountains than drive on this road. And seriously could they put ANY more billboards up along the sides. It is visual overload.... tacky.
  • Dry heat... much more enjoyable than muggy Minnesota days.
  • Great to be so close to my brother and sister in law... literally just a door step away.
  • People here like candy... the grocery store is full of gigantic tubs of sugar filled treats. I mean even in the dairy section there is a tub of candy provoking you to purchase. (Chuck and I are on a special no crap diet right now though... more information on that to come)
Church was different, I miss the friendly loving faces of the Saint Paul ward. However interestingly enough Sister Julie Beck (general Relief Society President) is in my ward and was there on Sunday so I felt like I knew someone and it was comforting.

Because we are having Grandma withdrawals over here we have been taking lots of Fiona videos and location shots to stay connected. You all can take a peak at what we have been up to as well. I will probably be posting a lot more videos over the next few weeks I have so much to show you all. Please dismiss my lack of film making ability.

Our lovely "little" yard.

More scenery shots from our backyard.

Some water fun at the park... which is free which makes it even more fun ;)

I will post a video soon of the inside of our apartment. Till then. Love ya'll.


JEWLS said...

hey we haven't seen you guys in so long, we should skype soon now that you have internet again. ps lpved the video of the girls

Mommadriver said...

Great fun to watch your videos! Loved seeing Rae and Fiona at the water park. Keep 'em comin'
Love to all. Oh have a very lovely place to live in!

Karen said...

Tacy, Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more videos! And love the greenery!!

Lisa Puga said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place to call home! Tell the mountains hi for me. We miss you guys.

The Atomic Mom said...

The I-15 is the worst freeway, and always under construction...not even kidding! It sucked during the years before the Olymipcs when I lived there.

And have you noticed that everyone has a cell phone surgically implanted on their ear in the middle of their big prom girl hair? Seriously, so annoying.

And yes....the billborads, multilevel marketing schemes...oh UTAH! You should read my series of letters to Utah on my blog, most informative if I do say so.