Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On a Lighter Note

Thank goodness for vacations!!!!!!!!!! In just two short weeks I will be basking on the sunny shores of.... Utah? Ok so it's not like a tropical getaway, but I think it was Brigham Young who said, "This is the place" (The first time he saw it.) I'm going to my mission reunion, to see my wonderful president and his wife and hug all my old companions. I also get to spend time with Sara, just like the good old times in La Crosse... could it get any better? ACTUALLY IT CAN!!! After three magical days in Utah I will be wisked away to "The Land of Enchantment" otherwise known as New Mexico. I am going to the national hot air balloon fiesta, and to see the people that I love from my mission. I am sooooo looking forward to it, because sometimes you just need to escape.


Amy & James said...

Yay!! I love mission reunion weekend!! I think you said you knew Elder Ulmer...well, he's getting married in Nov. Crazy. Maybe I'll get to see you when you're hanging out with Sara. :) Are you going to Conference, too? I bet you could get tickets from your Bishop. It's an unforgettable experience.

UrbanPony said...

YIPPEEEEE!!! Sister Krause is coming home! We are so looking forward to your visit.