Monday, September 24, 2007

The Return Of Kita!!!

I don't consider myself a dog person, I never have. I mean, I like them… especially when they are at other people's houses. To me the "Cons" of owning a dog outweigh the "Pro's" A few include but are not limited to: The expense, the smell, the clean-up, the time commitment, worrying about them running away, having them bite small children (I have seen this happen on more than one occasion), taking them to the doctor, having them constantly wanting to eat your food, and of course the licking…
However all of those negative thoughts were thrown out the window when I met Kita. She is my sister's dog, and for some reason I love that little Chihuahua so much I don't even care that she licks my nose, and begs for my food…. I just love her. For the past few years she has lived with my sister, but recently my sister got a new job and apartment where dogs are not allowed. Now Kita has returned back to us and I'm so glad that she's there, I get excited to come home now because that goofy little dog jumps up and down when I walk in the door. It makes me feel special. This morning though she looked so sad, I can tell she misses Beth (my sister) and where she used to live. I have been trying to think about ways to cheer her up today… perhaps I will take her for a walk by the river. She loves the smell of dead fish, I figure we might be able to find a few she can play with. It's silly right? How in the world did I fall in love with a dog? I mean she has a personality, I feel like I know her… she is part of my family. It's amazing how love can make all the "cons" disappear, and I'm not just talking dogs now… I have been memorizing scriptures about charity this week, they are great to have stored in the brain, whenever I start thinking a negative thought about something or someone I quote the scripture in my mind and it has this amazing power to help me look at things differently.

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Sarah said...

It's funny how you can have all the reasons not to like dogs until you get to know one and everything goes out the window. I think that we love them so much because no matter what we are feeling or what we are doing they act like we are the most important thing in the world and there is no one they would rather see than you.