Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ACP Foundation: Health Literacy

In light of my finishing my Medical Terminology course, I thought I would share with you this little video I saw during the semester. It was really eye opening to me... we had a group discussion in class about possible solutions and reasons this problem is increasing. Sure makes you think.


The Atomic Mom said...

So what did your class come up with?

I think the solution lies on both sides. The medical people need to make sure the patients understand with out being condesending and snotty, but the patient needs to advocate for him/herself, no matter what.

jeff and alli said...

Oh that is sad.

Jeff taught someone on the mission and I think that has helped him be more aware and understanding. I think I often assume everyone can read and understand written material, but Jeff does that less and he deals with these issues in a sensitive manner which I think is good.

I see things like this and I find myself saying, man a good education could solve so much. But how we go about it, I don't know.