Friday, March 11, 2011

The Cats Away

But the mice in this house are not playing yet... we are too busy huddled nervously in a corner wondering how we will manage. Chuck left at 3:00 a.m. last night for a week long trip to Utah. He is going to get our living situation are squared away and check some other things out. This is my spring break for school so luckily I have no classes to go to.

I am going to try and keep myself REALLY REALLY busy. Hopefully that will take my mind off of it. I really do appreciate my husband and his HUGE role in my life. With him gone it feels like someone lobbed off my arm. I wonder how I will hold up as a mommy with no breaks!!! Chuck is always good for letting me have my little moments of Zen throughout the day. Even if it's just long enough to use the bathroom in solitude. Normally when I bring her in with me she stands up right next to the toilet and pinches my thighs and tries to close the toilet seat on my back (I am trying to teach her what "No" means, I am even working on my VERY SERIOUS No face. yet she still seems oblivious). I love Fiona, but I love her even more when I get a rest from the hair pulling, poking and crawling all over me.

Mom breaks are my sanity and they help me in the end be a happy more productive parent.

Luckily my mom shares the same spring break from her school bus driving job. We are going to Fargo to see my sister, and hopefully my other Minnesota sisters too.


Oh and speaking of Cats and Mice.

I realized the other day that on my drive to school I pass a store called "Purrniture" which of course sells custom cat furniture. It made me laugh the rest of the way to school.

And Chuck saw a mouse in our kitchen the other day. It actually didn't really surprise me because well... there is a constant flow of crumbs on the ground with Fiona around. We have done nothing about it. But last night I had a dream that I looked behind the stove to find the mouse and there was a tiny black man back who asked me for something to eat. Maybe I should investigate.

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The Atomic Mom said...

Eww, mice. I do not do rodents.

Fiona will get No soon enough. Belive, me, it will be the only thing she says forever.